Small mirror inside tank?

  1. A

    Aindra New Member Member

    I thought of an idea of putting a small mirror (like hand mirror) inside a tank like decoration. The platies can swim around it and see their neighbours in the mirror.

    But I do not know if it's safe thing to do.

    I know about the mirror placed behind the tank but I don't want it to reflect whole tank, and they couldn't swim around it. I just thought putting a small mirror inside would be little fun.
  2. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    You would have to make sure there aren't any sharp edges for them to scrape/cut themselves on. the platies would think there are lots of them :)

    On another note for anyone who has a Betta it's not a good idea for Betta tanks. They will exhaust themselves flaring all the time.
  3. Fall River

    Fall River Valued Member Member

    +1 to Butterfly.
    You also need to consider the "silvering" on the back of the mirror could be toxic.
  4. OP

    Aindra New Member Member

    Thank you. "silvering" have me a little nervous. The mirrors I have have plastic on back, though?
  5. d

    deon junior Valued Member Member

    you could put it on the outside. i have done that before.