Small hole in the betta? :/

  1. bettanewbie Member Member

    Hello all, I am back.

    My betta seems to have a very small hole in her head. She is VERY active, and eats like a pig. She is growing back her fins and she is showing even more color. (when I got her she had half of her fins gone and had a few things that have cleaned up).

    I did some research on what may be the problem, and it comes up with that it is a diet problem. I just want to be sure, that this is the problem, and how can I fix it? All the levels are normal, and she gets pellets, two in the morning and one at night and bloodworms twice a week.
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    can you get us a picture of her and her tank setup by any chance? ive never heard of a betta having HOTH but I guess anything is possible..
  3. bettanewbie Member Member

    Will do later tonight. It really is inward... so strange.
  4. bettanewbie Member Member

    These were the best pictures that I got while she moved. :p

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  5. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    ....dont see it? Can we get a better description of this "hole". Is it red around the area, black, raised, sunken??

    Diet: what brand and what kind of blood worms(frozen or freezedried). I dont think holes in heads normly appear due to a lack in the diet.
  6. bettanewbie Member Member

    Her gills are red a bit after recovering from an illness, and the hole is in a little, black, sucken. There is also a spot on her scale that is black, but is not sunken in.

    Freezedired bloodworms because I can not get otherwise, and this wont change at all. I have aqueon pellets used, aquarian pellets and tetra flakes not used. 2x blood worms a week. I just bought the aquarian pellets to find they wern't as good as the other ones were. :/
  7. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Freezedried arnt of any use. They are bascily usless, unless you have crickets to feed, they make great gut load. They cause a variety of problems in bettas and have poor nutrition.

    What are all your parameters and frequencey of cleaning and the such.
  8. bettanewbie Member Member

    Everything tested 0. I do a 10% changing every week, and I clean the gravel and check it every time I feed. Temperature has been kept normal.

    I noticed on the side where an illness has been clearing up that on her gill cover it is red and there seems to be a cut on one side of the gill. She seems to act normal and is active as ever. Should I feed her a pea to clean her stomach out?
  9. bettanewbie Member Member

    Update: Wow, I am REALLY confused. I fed her this morning and the spots on her body are gone, and she is back to her normal self. I looked in the gravel and there was some bowel movement. Cleaned it out. The hole on her body is there still, and most of the redness is gone.
  10. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Just give her time and observe her, keep us posted. Also, if you get the oppertunity at any better pics post them, one trick is to point the camera on a downward angle.
  11. bettanewbie Member Member

    I have a big update! I went to a great LFS and I found some NLS food. Feed her some and she looks GREAT. All her colors are coming back more.
  12. bettanewbie Member Member

    Update. D: I am pretty sure she is now sick. She has a small white dot on the side of her body, and she is starting to turn grey. (she is also bloated but thats my fault) I think its an bacterial infection. What should I do? What should I buy? I have the tempature at 80. I don't want to loose her, she was fighting the fin rot well. She sits on the bottem now most of the time.
  13. bettanewbie Member Member

    New update... I have bought some Aquarium salt and put a little under then one tablespoon. Tonight I will do a water change, should I take the carbon out of the filter.