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i've suddenly got a snail infestation in my planted 10 gallon --tiny snails everywhere that aren't my beloved ramshorns (I think theyre bladder snails)
:yuck: I might have not cleaned the new plants properly and now I'm facing the consequences. They're everywhere! on my glass, plants, rocks, driftwood...yuck
I crush whatever I see or feed 'em to my dwarf puffer in the other tank but it doesn't seem to diminish them.

This being said, do you guys know any common snail-eating fish I can get for my tank? I've only got 6 white clouds in there. Of course the new fish will be treated as a forever pet too!

All answers appreciated. Thanks!

H Farnsworth

maybe take the clouds out and put the puffers in?


Assassin snails will gobble them down (hence the name "assassin") Assassin snails will also reproduce but not near the scale that pest snails do! They're prettier anyway. And they're easier to spot and pick out if you decide they need culling. Most snail eating fish would get too big for a 10 gallon tank or be too aggressive for the white clouds.


One of our angelfish ate one of our big snails, but left the other two alone, though it likes to bully them. Also, they can get pretty big. In the past, I had a skirt tetra that ate my shrimp, frogs, and small snails along with other fish, but the other skirt tetras didn't eat tank mates.

Brett S.

Assassin snails and dwarf puffers. If its a 10 gallon you could get 2 maybe 3. Only problem is the white clouds. Puffers need to be in a species only tank. Assasin snails probably best option then.

Mr. Kgnao

Don't take this the wrong way, but the best method to get rid of bladder snails is not to overfeed and also to remove any dying plant matter. They'll probably never be entirely eradicated, but their numbers will diminish to the point that you hardly notice them. But really, all tanks benefit from having some snails.
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Thank you everyone! I've decided to put the white clouds in the puffer's tank and the puffer in the white cloud's tank until the snails clear up! Will also be keeping an eye on the plant matter and feeding.

Hope this works!

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