Small Cichlids?

  1. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    so all the tanks that i see with cichlids are either overcrowded or 55 gallon plus. Or, the shell dweller species that can be in a 10 g. a lot of the cichlids i see are around the 6" mark. So what is a middle ground?Say a 30g tank, what kind of cichlids other then shell dwellers could you put in that? assume best case scenario. I'm banned from getting more tanks but I'm curious because I've wanted a cichlid tank, just not another 55 g, because of their personality.
  2. Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    Rams are a nice option!

  3. yukondog Well Known Member Member

    Have you looked at any GBR, Bolivian rams, apisto's or kribs?
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    There are so many species of cichlids that would work in a tank that size. Many of the non-rift lake cichlids that stay under 5" or so would work.

  5. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    oh yeah, forgot rams were part of the cichlid family. I have a GBR in a 20 right now :) Oooh kribs can go in a smaller tank?? might have to look into those at some point.

    And how many in a tank that size? 4-5? i read somewhere that if the tank is a little overstocked it cuts down on aggression but i have zero experience with cichlids because i like my scaleless fish and most of the cichlids I've seen are the larger varieties. i forgot for a second that saying cichlid is like saying dog. Only about 40 million different breeds and mutts out there...
  6. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    just looked up the apistos. holy smokes that's a real fish?? wow those are gorgeous. never seen those before or i probably would have bought one by now :)
  7. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    It depends on the species as to how many you can have. Overstocking to reduce aggression isn't usually feasible in tanks this size, and it's not a common practice outside of African rift lake cichlids (though it is useful for some other cichlids).

  8. yukondog Well Known Member Member

    If your going with a 30 I would not go any more than 1 pair of kribs, or 1 pair of GBR, not sure about the apistos, they are on my next bucket list.
  9. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Some of the more common apistos (cacatuoides, borellii) can be kept in trios with 1 male and 2 females.
  10. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    And some of the dwarf cichlids, like rams or keyholes, can be kept in harems (1 male, multiple females).

  11. MattS99 Well Known Member Member

    No one else has mentioned them, so here's another cool dwarf cichlid: Nannacara anomala.
  12. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    And laetacara dorsigera:
  13. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Ooh all very cool fish. This is all in theory though, I'm forbidden from getting another tank unless I buy the house (renting one my parents own) :D But that is very handy to know. That's guys.
  14. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    You're very welcome!