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    resident1 New Member Member

    I have recently resyocked my tank with a new group of fish. My tank is only 10 gallons. smaller fish in this tank is definately Beyyer, Want to get a second tank for bigger fish, what does any body sugest?:;pirate:;pirate
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    cameronpalte Valued Member Member

    If you want to go for a second tank, since you already have a 10 gallon I recommend going for a 55 gallon, and putting the fish from your 10 in the 55, plus adding a lot more. The 10 gallon can than be used as a quarantine tank. You can make it a like a tropical community tank which could look nice.

    Also, if you have the money, you can get a 500 gallon or 1000 gallon tank, and you can include a school of around 6-7 bala sharks which would look very nice. You can add many other fish to make it look nice.
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    ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    What sort of bigger fish do you like/want?

    55 is a great size if you've got the room.

    Let us know either, a) what fish you like/want to keep or b) how much room you've got for a tank.

    The answer to a will influence the size requirement. The answer to b will influence what you can keep.