Slowwww 5.5 gal Fishless Cycle

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    So about a week (March 4th) ago I began the process to cycle this new 5.5 gallon tank in preparation for my betta. New everything. Treated and aged the water. Dosed pure ammonia up to 5.00 ppm, and slowly watched as the levels went down to about 1.0 ppm but tested nill for nitrate and nitrite.

    Two days ago, March 11th, re-uped the ammonia to 5.0 again. Checked today and it looks around 4.0 ppm. So slow. My betta is blowing bubbles in his bowl thanks to the warmer weather however.

    Where do the nitrogen cycle bacteria come from anyway to populate a totally new tank? I wish they would get in there and get on with it.

    Sorry for the useless post.
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    The bacteria are naturally occurring, everywhere. From my understanding, you're breathing 'em right now.

    If its only been a week, you're likely a long way from being cycled unless you used seeding material from an established aquarium. If your ammonia was dropping, your nitrite should have been rising. Are you using the liquid test kit? I have to wonder if you got a dud... Or if something is going on beyond my understanding.

    Just out of curiosity, what is your ph currently reading?
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    Unless you have live plants or have been doing water changes, disappearing ammonia will be oxidized into nitrites.