Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by jenmur, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. jenmur

    jenmur Fishlore VIP Member

    Ok so I figured I might as well start a little thread for myself to keep my spirits up while I gather things for my 55 gallon community tank.

    I have the tank from my vet (no leaks!) I have a gravel vacuum and I JUST got a SunSun 302 canister filter (264gph). Used. Yes I know that's less than what I need but I bought it for more bacteria and back up.

    My ideas are get an AquaClear 110 HOB cuz paranoid hence 2 filters.
    Use Black Diamond blasting sand.
    Get at least 2 pieces driftwood
    Get heater rated for 75g or two for 55g. They will be set for 75*
    Glass lid.
    Metal stand from Petco
    Python water changer
    Osmocote Plus fertilizer and gel capsules.
    Live plants!!
    Java fern
    Amazon sword
    Water wisteria
    Banana plant
    Dwarf Saggitaria
    Val (Jungle, spiral)
    Temple Compacta
    Micromeria browneii
    Monte Carlo
    (Probably not all of these)
    Lights. (24/7 Planted Plus

    Bristlenose Pleco
    Black neon tetras
    Cherry barbs
    Panda cories
    @SuzanaBanana. @Soocold
    @Dave75g. @bizaliz3. @TexasDomer. (In case you are interested and you guys are pretty knowledgeable and Liz I'm getting one of your Plecos so only fair)

    My tank!


    My gravel vac


    My SunSun 302

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  2. Ed204

    Ed204 Well Known Member Member

    Nice! Remeber to post some pictures and Keep us updated!
    Best of Luck!
  3. SuzanaBanana

    SuzanaBanana Valued Member Member

    Cant wait to see your set up!

  4. Dave125g

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    And so I begins. What color background are you gonna use? What is the GPH on the aqua clear ?
  5. KingD

    KingD Fishlore VIP Member

    Excited to see more updates as it progresses :)
  6. OP

    jenmur Fishlore VIP Member

    @Ed204. I will post pics of things as I get them. This is gonna be slow going sadly although I have a bunch of pet sitting jobs in June and July coming up!

    @SuzanaBanana. Neither can I!!! Hehe

    @Dave75g. Yep! Figured since I actually bought a canister filter might as well start and keep track of things! I think it's almost 500gph. Not 100% sure but it's enough to have it by itself o this tank. I hadn't even thought of a background.

    @KingD. Same here!! I'm gonna post a better pic of the SunSun today since it's daytime now.

    Ok so just took pics of the SunSun this morning :). Yay!!


    I was told the short hook is output and the longer one is intake. I'm thinking I could put a sponge prefilter on the intake tube??


    And the other side of the filter with guessing the prime button

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  7. SuzanaBanana

    SuzanaBanana Valued Member Member

    Goig back to the idea of background, you dont have to have one. But it would be a good idea to pick something that will go with the theme of your decor. Or even a solid color to make everything pop.
    I went with a reef background since my big pieces are faux reef
  8. OP

    jenmur Fishlore VIP Member

    I've thought about it at random times but no clue how to put one on. Or which to pick. Umm mostly plants, thinking a sunken ship for a Pleco cave (shamelessly stolen from bizaliz3) maybe a skull if I can find a safe one for my fish, maybe something else or two.

    Oh cool! Oh any ideas on if I could attach a pre filter sponge on the canister intake? It's just an open tube currently although the guy have me two strainers I could put on so less chance of fish swimming up the tube.
  9. FishL:))

    FishL:)) Well Known Member Member

    Nice!! It will look great! :)
  10. SuzanaBanana

    SuzanaBanana Valued Member Member

    Well i have one that i literally just taped to the back of my tank. I believe you can buy some that are sticker, but thats too permanent for me lol

    About the sponge, honestly im not too sure, ive never used one. Maybe someone else can chime in?
  11. lyfeoffishin

    lyfeoffishin Valued Member Member

    For background I'd suggest one of two things...
    1) spray paint the panel that will be against a wall black before adding water or anything into the tank (looks nice and won't get water marks etc.

    2) black plastic background paper from petco/petsmart. Can let you move tank to different position throughout time. Although sometimes will catch some water spots etc between it and the tank.

    Below is a picture of my tank tonight after adding some fish. It's option #2 because I didn't have the time to paint mine or I would have. Also I would have rather went with regular sand instead of black sand.


    As for the filter go for a sponge on the end most people do. I have sponge pre filters on my aquaclears
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  12. SuzanaBanana

    SuzanaBanana Valued Member Member

    i LOVE the way its SO dark with the background and sand, makes everything else POP!
  13. kjlife

    kjlife Valued Member Member

    Where did you get that wood I'm looking for something that shape
  14. lyfeoffishin

    lyfeoffishin Valued Member Member

    One of my local fish stores that is now closed. I spent 2-4 hrs a week for a good two months looking for the right wood lol
  15. kjlife

    kjlife Valued Member Member

    Oh man that's where I'm at searching fish store and even local creeks not with cave like setting or root structures
  16. lyfeoffishin

    lyfeoffishin Valued Member Member

    Check out some nautical stores if you have them around. I've seen some nice pieces of wood at the few shops around me
  17. OP

    jenmur Fishlore VIP Member

    @SuzanaBanana alrighty. Cool beans :)

    @lyfeoffishin. Huh. I haven't seen a black background at Petco yet, blue yes black no. Your tank is beautiful! Im doing black sand in mine as well. Might throw in a bag of white for a mixture.
  18. Dave125g

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Ive got blue background with black sand. I'd rather have black background. My wife wanted blue. If you have dark fish there harder to see with black background.
  19. lyfeoffishin

    lyfeoffishin Valued Member Member

    @jenmur I got my black background right next to the blue one in my store. Maybe ask them if they have any
  20. Soocold

    Soocold Well Known Member Member

    Having two filters is good for redundancy, but you only have as much bacteria as you do fish. And if a filter is used but dry, you'll still have to start a cycle like normal.

    I have ౩- 300w heaters for all my tanks. One on my my 56gal display tank with a digital controller, one in the fry 55gal using it's internal control, and a new in box spare.

    I don't like the worry of osmocote floating, but ive also never used. I'm a big seachem product fan, but got my dry fertilizers from I agree your not going to fit all those plants, and some won't thrive and spread without running a Co2 setup.

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