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    Good day to you all

    I 've been doing a lot of looking at various filter systems. After careful consideration I' ve decided to go Old School, and use ATI sponge filters. I am working on a tight budget and physically limited as well, so any way I can save on materials and energy, while cutting back on physical effort, is an important issue. While my husband is willing to help with the physical part of tank maintence, I want to do as much as possible myself.

    With sponge filters, I can run them on an air pump or power head, and get filtration and oxygenation at the same time, and so conserve on energy costs. My question is... How long doe it take to seed a size IV ATI sponge? I will be using two of them in my 55 gallon tank, which I hope will give me a bit more time between water changes.. I dont want to remove either of my HOT filters until my sponges, which as of right now are separately working off my air pump, are sufficenttly seeded.

    Yes, I know.. Sponges are ugly and look "icky" cafter they get going.. But from what I've readthey do a wonderful job.

    I have also been fortunate to get my hands on a 29 gallon tank. So Sparky and The Flash, my two fanccy goldies, now have their very own private tank. At the moment I I am using the filter HOT that came with the tank, until I can seed probably two ATIsponges for it as well.
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    I would seed them for 4-6 weeks. The longer the better though.
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    I would wonder that with big messy fish, such as goldfish, that it may be prudent to continue with at least one HOT filter on the tank. You may find yourself needing to clean/squeeze out those huge sponges a lot more often then you thought. Is it physically hard to reach down into the tanks?
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    Looking at the OP's profile, and the contents of this post, I believe the goldfish will be relocated to another aquarium. If the only inhabitants left will be the zebra danios and BN pleco, I think the sponge filters will be enough. But I do agree that having a HOT/HOB filter is a good idea to keep on the tank so they have a place for chemical filtration or mechanical filtration.
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    I had considered the possible necessity of using both a HOT and a hydro-sponge, in the new goldies tank, yes. They are very messy fish, so the more filtration the better. I can have hubby help me if necessary... I guess I can try the hydro sponges and if necessary reinstall the HOT.

    I think the 55 gallon will be ok with 2 hydro-sponges after they are well seeded. . I intend to keep a light bio-load in the big tank.

    I have some live plants that can help keep it balanced, too, (anubias nana?) and may add a few more plants in the future as well. But now that the goldies are in a separate tank I can create some variety in plants. The goldies gobbled up my frogbit like it was candy... Ate the roots right off. So I will only keep anubias nana in the 29 gal tank. Goldies don't seem to have a taste for that variety of plant.

    My right hand is pretty much useless. So anything that doesn't need fine fiddling looks good to me. Some of my methods of maintaining my tanks look like comedy routines and involve grit teeth and a lot of cussing, but the use of sponges doesn't involve as much cussing as changing a cartridge for my HOT filter .