Slits in anglefish fins


hI there I'm new to angels
I have a 36 gallon planted bow front that has been set up for a few months with 8 quarter size angels. 5 small cories and 3 ancistrus.The Nitrate level has been below 20. other levels are 0 and look good. But I noticed that two of the bigger angels have slits downwards like someone cut them with scissors from the top on their dorsal fins. I did a big water change , but could they be fighting already? or is it more likely the water? They are all eating great and look healthy otherwise.


Do you have pics?


Yes it is most likely from them fighting.
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I would say the injuries are being caused by the Angels sorting out the pecking order, & any aggression is likely to increase as they grow.
8 Angels in a 36 gallon imo isn't a recipe for a peaceful tank long term, I would suggest you either look to upgrade to a much larger tank if you intend keeping all 8 or watch closely to see if a pair form & rehome the rest.
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Thank you, I do plan on letting them get older and pairing up then rehiring the rest :)


Welcome to FishLore. Yes, the pecking order is all, water changes will take care of that as they set up chain of command; sort of speak.

Congrats on going with Angelfish. Angelfish and Guppies are my first love in the hobby, though I keep many others.

If you want to breed them, then yes, keep the pair and re-home the rest or just set up another tank for them (is what I would do :) )

The best of luck with them, keep us posted.

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