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Hi everyone, I'm researching the possibility of setting up my first ever tank. I want to create a small reef aquarium, around 10-20 gallons most likely and I'm trying to price out all of the equipment I need to find out if it's going to be something I can reasonably do at this point in time.
I'm looking at the Hydor Slim Skim Nano protein skimmer but I can't figure out how many GPH it would add to the tank so I can know what sort of power heads I would need to add as well. How do I figure out how many GPH this can process, or should I just ignore anything it may produce and plan on getting the power heads and possibly a filter so that the tank gets enough movement for the corals? I tried to check information online but I can't seem to find anything about what sort of motor it has.


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the protein skimmer will add hardly any at all. Go ahead and purchase the power heads. I also noticed you don't know about the nitrogen cycle listed in your profile. Make sure you find out about this before you start a saltwater. You should do at least 20 gallons for your first saltwater. I also recommend joining reef central or reef2reef. This is more of the freshwater side of forumns and you won't get as many responses.
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