Slightly DIY Stand/Double Stand project

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  1. escapay

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    Could I use 3/4" plywood on a stand that exists but the tank has smaller dimensions? For example, I have my rimless 12 gallon long tank that is approximately 36" x 9" - could I set it on plywood that is over a stand that is 36" x 12"?

    And same story - if I was to buy the 40 gallon breeder size stand from Drs Foster & Smith (the Titan Eze Metal Double Stand) and put plywood on it, could that work to hold 4 5.5 gallon aquariums with the shorter sides forward instead.
  2. BDpups

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    For small tanks like those I don't see that being a problem.
  3. OP

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    What of something larger like a 20 long - if it was one of those steel racks that had metal shelf and then plywood above that? I'm thinking the Edsal shelving units at Home Depot.
  4. jay275475

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    People used these racks I think they were called gorilla racks that were the exact same dimensions of a 20long.

    This can hold breeders -

    20 Longs -
  5. OP

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    Sorry, another question - same concept... I just picked up this acrylic aquarium with the dimensions of 48.5" L, 14" W and 16.5" H. Which means it is about 50 gallons. It didn't come with a stand - just the aquarium.

    Could I buy a 55 gallon aquarium stand and then have the 3/4" plywood enough for the base of the tank on top of the stand? 55 gallon stands seem to be right length but are only 13-13.5" W. The width is barely off.