Slider Turtle Shell Problems?

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    Hi, so i have a yellow belly slider turtle that I got from petco a little more than a week ago(petco is the only place around where I live that you can get turtles). She (or at least I think it is a she) is currently in a 40 gallon tank (cycled) with a tetrafauna 55g reptofilter and a tetra whisper 20i. I also have a heat bulb and a uvb/uva bulb. The temp over the basking area is currently 95 degrees ( I am pretty sure this is too high...please let me know) I did some research before I got my turtle and I will be upgrading her tank to a 75 gallon and when/if she outgrows this tank she will go into our turtle pond outside (we live in florida so no worries about Sun/heat) she is about 31/2 to 4 inches right now.
    Here are some of my questions...
    Is this enough filtration? I have an extra cycled filter that is currently running in my divided betta tank but it has 2 filters that could both cover the bio load on there own if need be.
    My turtle dosent seem to bask often... I saw her basking 2 days ago but I was home all most all day yesterday and didn't see her bask once... I am worried that she can't get up to bask...(she is eating fine and swims around alot)
    How often should I do water changes... I change my betta tank every week, should I do the same here?
    Is her shell messed up... I don't really know what they should look like but it looks weird to me... I have only had her a week and it isn't much different than what it looked like when I got her but I am thinking it is unhealthy 0fd8e368f81a9763f21503218bdb8059.jpg554fd98334f500de961d324c339ad1bb.jpg
    Sorry I can't get good pictures right now... I will try later when I get home
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    You could try allowing the basking spot to be more accessible. Try moving one of those rock ledges beneath it, and maybe she'll get up there.

    I would crank the temperature down to 88 - 90°
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    I am not sure how to lower the temp... it is the heat lights that make it hot so how do I turn it down? I need a rock ledge to lift up the filter so should I get another? I have seen her up on the basking thing before so I don't think she has problems getting up there
    df82c48f9bdd4ad04278078510a48414.jpg28c4bcc0121129182c8f9846ecbc0077.jpg6075ed293dbc18b8ae9f48856f70b5b9.jpg33b6599c4bec1f58e7b6f753ce9625c4.jpg Here are some better pictures of the shell
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    She looks perfectly healthy to me.

    If you've seen her bask before, then there isn't any problem. You can lower the temp by raising the lamp higher above the tank.
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    Okay thank you for all your help

    dbabace0b7022ccc9efc5a38b6e82078.jpg so their shells normally look like this when dry...
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    Yes, but theres no problem with your turtle.

    Just make sure she eats, swims, and acts normally.
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    Okay... thanks I get a little paranoid with my pets
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    So do I, and I have 20 pets to think, and care for.