Skinny neon barb

1 of my neon barbs turned skinny and isn't eating it tries to but just spits it back out, the rest are nice and plumped. Inhabitants are 4 female neon rosies( I keep the females separated from Males), 1 bristlenose and 2 cherry barbs. Ph 8.4 ,ammonia 0 , nitrites 0 and nitrate 10. I notice it yesterday but could have started before. I don't see any poop from it so don't know if its white and stringy, anything I can do?
Fish becoming skinny may be a result of internal parasites. But u cant see the poop so it doesn't conclude anything.

I also saw clamped fins in the picture, but perhaps I saw it by mistake, is that true? If so, it may be signs of stress.

Fish usually spit out food because the food is too large and they make it smaller in size by spitting it out and eating again

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