Skinned betta?! Help

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Jheila, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Jheila

    Jheila Valued Member Member

    Alright I messed up and put a rough lava rock in my 14 gal where my red shrimp could hide. Poor betta was hunting some and got jammed between the wall and rock during the night, and now half his scales on his right side are completely gone, mostly along his gill, and his eyes been cut ((its going blind for sure)).
    I took out the rock, I was going to cover it in moss but I'm not risking tis again, and have a UV sterilizer running so he doesn't get an infection hopefully. Anything else I can do? IMG_7501[1].jpg IMG_7511[1].jpg
  2. lwill

    lwill Valued Member Member

    My moms betta had a similar injury and healed up nicely. Keep the water very clean. They're tough little dudes hopefully he'll be just fine.

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  3. OP

    Jheila Valued Member Member

    Aren't they? Well, its a win for the shrimp I suppose, now they can easily evade the finned giant. Nitrites are still high but I'm doing water changes like no tomorrow.
  4. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Poor little guy!

    Agreed, super clean water to prevent infection.
    Some Garlic Guard, Fish Protector and Vitachem should help him immune system.

    Good luck
  5. Viriam Karo

    Viriam Karo Well Known Member Member

    Bettas like squeezing themselves into very small spaces! Hopefully yours heals up with clean water and time :)

    Also just plain garlic juice works if you don't have Garlic Guard.
  6. Castiel*

    Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Just keep the water pristine! Good job on the UV sterilizer! Wouldn't really recommend running to many medications on the exposed skin. I've heard of some medications not working to well with Bettas in the first place. Betta fish are tough! Very hardy and its surprising what they can survive! Hope he heals up nicely!

    (Also If you have any fake plastic plants I recommend removing those! Get silk ones so they don't tear his fins!)
  7. lwill

    lwill Valued Member Member

    Any update on how he's doing?

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