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    waggers New Member Member

    just received new tank and sump,the sump has 3 chambers ,which chamber would the skimmer be best placed in?:;dk
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    Naeusu Valued Member Member

    uhh....if by 3 chambers you mean:-->


    IMO, i would put the skimmer in the intake area because when the water returns it can splash back into the intake and through the refugium area without returning microbubbles to the display tank. If the intake is too small you can put it in the refugium area but that makes that area useless for most fish or copepods since they'll get sucked into the skimmer. However, you can still keep plants (like chaeto or calerpa) in there without much problem. A lot of people put the skimmer in the uptake back into the tank but when i did that i ended up with a ton of microbubbles that i could not fix in the display.
  3. reefdude

    reefdude Valued Member Member

    I agree with Naeusu, put it in the intake chamber...
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    waggers New Member Member

    yes thats exactly what i meant by 3 chambers ,the intake is a bit small so i will have to put it in the refugium area.thanks 4 the help.:;toast