Skimmer for live rock curing/tank cycling?

Discussion in 'Protein Skimmer' started by ucdcrew, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. ucdcrewValued MemberMember

    Do I need to set up the skimmer for cycling a tank using live rock? The reasoning behind this would be to allow me to purchase a better skimmer - for a larger tank. I'm going to use mostly ReefSaver Eco rock (dry) and seed it with a couple pieces of wet live rock. I'm assuming cycling is similar to freshwater cycle, so I wouldn't need to do water changes while it cycles.

    Background - 55g tank, planning on FOWLR. I will buy 50 lbs dry rock and 25 lbs live rock. I want to build a sump for it, probably 30g. Would like to keep options open for larger tank in the future - with minimal extra expenses for the larger tank. Also, do I need more live rock than that since the sump is an extra 30 gallons?
  2. MikeFishloreAdmin Moderator Member

    Some people don't think you should run a skimmer while cycling, but I would run one during the cycle. Don't worry about water changes during the cycle, as long as no fish and inverts are in the tank. Once they rock is in the tank, bump up the temp to about 82F to help speed up the nitrogen cycle.

    I think you'll be ok with the amount of rock you plan on using since you'll have a skimmer too. Once you get it set up you may want to get a few more pounds based on how you think the tank looks, but from a bio filter perspective, 75 pounds of live rock should be plenty in my opinion.

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