Skimmer For First Time Salt Build

Discussion in 'Protein Skimmer' started by Kolby Holdren, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Kolby Holdren

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    Hey all. Building a salt water tank. 36 bowfront. Gonna use a fluval 306, live rocks. No coral or anything. Going to have a relatively low bioload. Just wondering what you think the best HOB protein skimmer i could use for this tank would be. Ive been doing some research and my current choice is
  2. Jesterrace

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    FYI, Canister filters can become nitrate factories in saltwater tanks and can be a real pain to keep properly cleaned out. I would recommend getting a Fluval HOB 50 or 70 filter and after the tank is cycled running a Chemipure Elite bag in it. As for HOB skimmer the Reef Octopus Classic 100 would work as would the Eshoppes PSK-75H. It seems you have the same Aqueon 36 gallon bowfront that I started out with and I ran a Fluval 50 and an Eshoppes PSK-75H on it. Here is a vid of the tank with the equipment in action: