six line wrasse with a big eye

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    Thales Carvalho Manarin New Member Member

    i have a six line wrasse and today I noticed that his left eye is bigger than the other, it wasn't until yesterday.
    I have this fish for 4 months now, i never saw any aggression with the others fish, i have two clown fish and a yellow tang, he is eating normally. The PH of the water is 8.4, he is swimming around as usual, the only weird thing is the bigger eye( I couldn't take a picture cause he wont stop swimming).
    The only thing i put in the water yesterday was the Seachem Reff Zooplankton, but im using it for over a month now.
    I'm very worried about him, any ideas of what its and what i can do are welcome.
    tks for the attention.
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    Bumping this up for you