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HI everyone-
I just read in the fish profiles (very informative, by the way!!! ) that silver dollars do better in small schools or they get easily scared...I see that behavior in the silver dollar I normally have in a 55 gal tank with my young albino oscar, but now is there with only the bristlenose pleco, as the oscar is in a quarantine tank. Even alone, he spends most of the time hiding in a plant and doesn't appear to eat much. Should I get 1-2 more silver dollars for him, or do they need to be purchased at the same time to successfully form a school? I appreciate any ideas anyone has!!


If you get a few more they should still form a school.

Wilhelm Joshua Tan

What do you mean?


I started with a pair of Silver dollars and added two more. There was complete change in their social dynamic when I did this, they seemed much happier and the larger one stopped picking on the smaller one (of the original pair).

Recently, one of the four got tail rot (I added some fish who brought it with them) and I had to euthanize him. :'(

Again, their social dynamic completely shifted - now the original aggressive one is back to being arrogant. I'm planning on adding two more once they show up in the reliable LFS.

My advice is to go with a school, the fish will be happier.

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