Siphon for Tadpole Tanks


Was curious if there were any miniature siphons that would be suitable for a tadpole. We have a swimming pool, and one day I came out to find a raft of Grey Tree Frogs eggs floating in it. I got them set up in a spare 10 gallon tank, and they've just started to eat. Of course, once they start eating that leads to the inevitable mess of leftover food and waste. However, they're much to small to even use the smallest siphons that I use for my turtle and betta tanks.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to a suitable siphon or other device (pipette or syringe) that would do the job without the worry of sucking them up and out of the tank.


that would be for targeted methodical waste removal, maybe use a cup for a larger water change

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