Simplest Tank Setup For A Newbie?!

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by danelch, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. danelchValued MemberMember

    Hey everyone. As you'd have known by now that I'm a newbie who's had experience in the freshwater field BUT ABSOLUTELY NONE in the saltwater type :/

    Anyway my LFS has recently brought these clownfish that I've totally fallen in love with <3 i want em so bad but 1)idk a lot about setting up a saltwater tank
    2) i don't have a lot of cash these days cuz I've been and still am spending tons of it on my freshwater tanks and whatnot

    Now i intend to make a clownfish tank as simple as possible.

    My question is :
    What equipment (minimum) do I need to buy to do that(keep a healthy pair of clownfish)??
    I want the tank to be something like these breeder tanks in the link below. (I'd love to breed them too like in the link, if you guys think i could pull it off considering that i don't have a lot of knowledge atm)

    Your answers and guidance would mean a lot! Thanks in advance. Cheers :)
  2. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Honestly for me the word minimum and salt water dont go together. Considering the prices of equipment and livestock id much rather tank longer to save more money to buy better equipment later on down the track.

    That said i think the only extra piece of equipment you definitely need compared to a fs tank is a skimmer.

  3. danelchValued MemberMember

    So umm live rock and/or sand aren't a compulsion in a tank which i intend to keep only fish in?

  4. grantm91Fishlore VIPMember

    A skimmer is not absolutely required i was in your shoes not long back was dying to do q sw i did it and have a pair of clowns all i started off with is this
    Live rock
    Live sand
    Wave maker
    Hob filter (optional i have for mechanical filtration).
    Refractometer - ABSOLUTE MUST
    Api saltwater master test kit
    you tube and google.

    My best tip keeping it short and sweet would be to purchase the live rock 2nd hand nice and mature off someone on the day you fill your aquarium.
    0e243afb72f6a45ea7d624ec573efc57.jpgd7aa663c4192845d74aed050cfaae907.jpg thats day 1 and about 3 days ago

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  5. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Live Sand and live rock are your filters in a sw tank. i meant extra mechenical equipment. You will also needs lights , and test kits and other stuff that will be different from the freshwater versions.
  6. danelchValued MemberMember

    Tysm!!! :D
    Your answer has helped me with so many questions! However, there's still a couple of things i needed to ask:

    1)in place of both the wave maker and the hob, could i not simply use an internal filter ? It would make waves and do biological + mechanical filtration at the same time. No ?

    2) if live sand and live rock is a sw tank's filtration, do you not need to vacuum or syphon the waste off the sand?

    3)what's the deal with water changes in sw tanks? I mean isn't aquarium salt expensive? Would i need to dissolve more every time i change the water?

    4) would i need special lights for the live sand and live rocks?

    Btw, your tank's pretty sweet!! :) mind if i ask how much water it holds ?
  7. grantm91Fishlore VIPMember

    1) i would say yes it is possible if you got one big enough for the job that held enough media but i wouldn't personally do it, but if thats what you really want to do just do alot of research.
    2) in my opinion the live sand does not really have alot to do with your filtration it just contained the stuff for my enitial start up and is a home for pods and stuff and somwhere for your critters to graze and forage and for certain fish.+ it looks good.
    3) The water, for my initial fill i used salt water from my lfs it cost me about £7 to fill it right up because the shop does it cheap for inital fill ups.,and my tank is 60 litres. The salt price varies personally i buy the red sea coral pro which is £22 a bucket which makes over 200litres and i get 25 litres of RO water from my lfs which costs me £2 for 25ltr i may one day buy an RO UNIT as its cheaper in the long run but for now am happy doing what i am doing. I do around a 20 maybe 25% water change every 8 to 10 days my amonia nitrite and nitrate have never read anything higher than 0,0,20 since its been cycled its amazing i dont know what im doing right as i am quite the amateur.
    4) lighting is up to you if you want a £15 led light which looks the part but is cheap have it, i had a 6 watt led nicrew thing for a bit and it was fine my first £10 button polyp frag was even thriving and spreading under it, ive since upgraded to an arcadia grow but im chatting sht and getting carried away lol in short no you dont need no special lighting depending on what you want to keep in there. From me to you all that it seems you will need is water, a filter and a tank and ritual water changes have a bare bottom if you like. Clowns do love flow though and you can get really cheap power heads which are good. YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE ARE KEY.. lol

    One vital thing i missed lol i should have put LID next to tank as one of my clowns did a superman through a tiny gap in my lid which i did a diy there and then to prevent it happening again 21610f484ebd8c3069e00ddc4e6a47d4.jpg pic if said gaps covered with special plastic aka(disposable food container)
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  8. Little Tank of HappinessWell Known MemberMember

    I don't own a sw tank, nor have I done tons of research, but I do know a little. Don't quote me haha
    1. An easy tank to keep is a 30 gal with 2 clowns. I believe they like to be together. With that you could also keep some cleaner shrimp and maybe (not certain) a goby. Don't know any specific types.
    2. You do not have to have anemones for clowns. Anemones are advanced level and your tank has to be established for 1 yr +. Clowns will host in corals. Just like you said you don't need a skimmer you don't need anemones.
    3. It's said FL fw profiles are incorrect, but a bit ago I and a few members came to the conclusion that maybe Mike only keeps salt. If you look at the sw profiles they're very nice. Fw are for the most part incorrect. So IMO you can use the sw profiles as a resource just use others too to check it up.
    4. Don't get extremely expensive stuff. Sw can be over priced and its not worth it! Research the prices to avoid wasting money.

    Hope you enjoy the saltwater exp! :)
  9. danelchValued MemberMember

    I'm thinking a bare bottom tank with live rocks.. no special lighting is required for those right?
  10. grantm91Fishlore VIPMember

    No use candle light if you like lol
  11. danelchValued MemberMember

    Lol cool
  12. ReefDudesNew MemberMember

    I would personally go with an all in one tank :)

    But you can get away with a tank, light and a power head as the minimum then just do weekly water changes

    Skimmers and other equipment will help reduce the. Red for water changes
  13. danelchValued MemberMember

    What if i added a HOB and live rock to the tank. Would that significantly reduce the number if water changes I'd need? Cuz that's my main aim tbh... if yes, then by how much ?

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