Simple marine setup, is it possible?

i live near the sea. actually i live in an island, so there's sea all around .
i have been learning about salt water aquarium, and i've been wondering:
can i setup a saltwater aquarium with only sea water, rocks, algae and fish?
no coral, no skimmer, no expensive stuff, etc

note: i understand that i must top off with freshwater to maintain salinity
I've never dealt with a saltwater tank before but you might want to use tap water and treat that. Sea water can carry diseases and other fun stuff like that. You'd have to buy the fish as well, wild fish will be sad in captivity. As for the rocks, sure! As long as you clean it off very good first. I don't know enough about algae to say what you can and cannot do especially in saltwater.
I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to use seawater, if you’re sure there’s no unwanted chemicals or something in it. If you don’t use seawater then I would get a RODI or RO system. Tap water usually has too many phosphates and sometimes nitrates.
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I'm not worried about disease in the water, or rocks or sand. If i go with this i want it to be as natural as possible.
There's no unwanted chemicals near on in the water.
I mention algae as i need some sort of nutrients eating plants. But is something i must look further.

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