Silvertip tetra being bullied

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Angie85, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Angie85New MemberMember

    I added 4 female and 2 male silvertip tetra's to my 55 litre (12 gallon?) tank on the 27th July. The fish stayed together for a few hours but slowly went off to explore individually once they felt comfortable. Everything seemed great, they were swimming/feeding fine (flaked food) and seemed happy. Over the last few days though i have noticed that one fish in particular begun isolating itself from the group. It's always hiding at the very back of the tank near the plants. It's also losing a little colour mostly in the black stripe near it's tail. My partner and i are really worried that it's stressed due to constantly being chased by the other fish. When the other fish come near it, it's moving away to another hiding spot. Is it possible that it's being bullied? It very rarely swims around anymore, only when being chased away from it's hiding spot or when food is put into the tank. We're not sure what to do as this is our first aquarium.

    We bought the tank on the 18th July from Pets at home. We were told to set the tank up, leave it a week and then begin slowly adding fish. We were given a product called 'tapsafe' to ensure the tap water is safe, though weren't informed about testing for nitrate etc. We'll need to purchase a tester immediately.
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    Hi! So it sounds like the pet store people were either not very educated or were to lazy to give proper information:( you are doing a very good job considering the lack of info you got. He is most likely smaller/weaker than the others and they have become dominant. These fish might be a bit crowded and are competing for territory. As. Long as he is not badly hurt or has no signs of illness he should be okay:) please try to upload a picture of him and upgrade your tank to at least 25 gallons or more. Make sure your tank is heavily planted. You should also consider keeping him in a separate tank to reduce his likelihood of being bullied and/or hurt. Upload a pic of him and if necessary you might treat him with a little Melafix if his fins are damaged but I wouldn't until you upload a pic so I can confirm.

    Best of luck!
    I love my puffer
  3. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Just wanted to say...Welcome to FishLore! I hope you enjoy the site
  4. Angie85New MemberMember

    Although the guy from the pet store forgot to mention about testing the water, he was helpful with all other aspects of which equipment we needed to care for our fish. He seemed to know what he was talking about, he mentioned he also had an aquarium at home. He said the 55 litre tank would be okay for the 6 silvertip's we bought and suggested we could add to this once they were settled. Is this wrong information?

    We lost one of our female silvertips because it somehow got out the tank, even with a lid.

    We added two dalmation Mollies in the past week, who settled in well though one of them died suddenly even though it was eating well, was swimming happily and the water levels were all okay.

    I'm worried now because the other mollie has went into hiding, only really coming out when we aren't near the tank and to feed. Which is small amounts before going back into hiding. We noticed a few snails in the tank, which has now become an infestation. I'm planning on taking everything out and getting rid of the snails tonight. The 5 remaining silvertip's seem happy and comfortable.

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