Question Silver tip tetras with angels


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So I was wondering if I could keep 25 of them with angels. I've heard they can be nippy, and I know larger numbers can dilute that quality. And I have come to a conclusion of my own, with angels with small tetras. Sorry this is weirdly worded I just copy paste this when people ask my opinion on small tetras with angels.

I have actually done a lot of research on this topic and most of the time here are the results. This is my opinion.
1. It didn't work. I've had my angels for years and now I added neons (Or other small tetras) and they were eaten.
2. I started up my tank and added Juvenile angels, then I added tetras a few weeks later, and they lived well together for their whole lives.

And in this one case which I think really proves my opinion.

I have had angels with my cardinal tetras forever. Since they were both small and then I wanted to up the school and add some more but they were eaten, they were the same size as the previous, but they were eaten and the originals survived.

So my answer to this question is, If you raise them up together yes you can keep them together. But I would suggest putting more in than you think you want because once you have them in there for a couple years you won’t be able to add more.

So do you think I could have them without them nipping the angels' long and extended fins?


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How big are your angelfish? Or do you not have any yet?
I would avoid anything that can fit in an angelfishs mouth. Is there any store around you that sells adult angelfish. It might be easier to pick a tankmate if you see them in person.

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