Silver shark? I dont think so, please help if im wrong. Help

  1. Tian Well Known Member Member

    I rescued this year and a half old fish from our lfs. He removed him from he/she home aquarium to put he/she in a display tank with oscars and blood parrots. He/she was attacked in that tank so i took he/she home to me after a fight with lfs owner.
    He said its a silver shark. but i doubt it cause silver sharks is bala sharks right?

    attached is some pictures. he/she is about 20 cm in lenght....

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  2. Anthony10 Member Member

  3. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Does look like a pinktail chalceus.
  4. Tian Well Known Member Member

    Yes Anthony... It does look like the fish in the link! Thanks guys.... :)

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  7. Tian Well Known Member Member

    When i get home tonight i'll try to get better picture's of he/she... especialy of the fins? Then we can better look and decide on this fish.... Bud the colours of the fins is more lighter orange than pink. Also, if this may help, a year and a half ago he was about 5cm in lenght. (according to lfs) So in this short period of time he grew between 10-15cm in lenght....

  8. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    That's not much growth for a year, but pretty normal for anything but a big tank. They can grow well over 2ft, but this one probably won't get that big.
  9. Anthony10 Member Member

    Yes, try to get a picture of the tail too!

  10. Tian Well Known Member Member

    Why do you think it wont get that big hampalong?
    My 200 gallon is arriving the day after tomorrow!!! Then i'll be moving him with the balas and silver dollars over to that tank... its a 1.8 meter long tank... think its between 6 & 8 feet?
    I'll be posting more pictures shortly of the fish....

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  11. Anthony10 Member Member

    ... I'm... speechless... I wish my parents would allow me to get a tank that size... Ugh, guess I'm stuck with a full 75g saltwater for now... :(

  12. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    If you had put it in that big tank you're getting one and a half years ago, it would be about 15-18" by now. It has been, apparently, not kept in a tank big enough to allow that growth, so it has 'missed out' for 1.5 years and therefore probably won't get near the maximum size for its species.

    That's all I meant. It will get bigger. :)
  13. Tian Well Known Member Member




  14. Tian Well Known Member Member

    Hope this pic's will be more of help for the identity of this fish....
    If it does- Is it a pinktail chalceus which the colours will start showing as it gets older? Or is it a cigar shark?
  15. Tian Well Known Member Member

    Wow Anthony, 75 gallon saltwater tank is something great to have!!! But you'll get your big tank oneday.... Even if you operate it like me and getting a bank loan to do so.... :/
  16. Tian Well Known Member Member

    Okay, well then im happy if he would still get larger... The tank he have been in was a 200 litre tank at the house of the lfs owner. When he moved it to lfs it was in a smaller tank, not sure what size that is bud according to him its a little smaller. Ugh im still getting mad just thinking about that lfs owner.... Wish i could have understand why he would have put a peacefull fish in a tank with bloodparrots and oscars :(
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  18. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Chalceus are very colourful even when small. :)
  19. Tian Well Known Member Member

    Okay.... So its Red-finned Cigar Shark....

    Thanks so much for all the replies and help and helpfull links!!!
  20. Anthony10 Member Member

    Yep, defiantly a cigar shark! Glad you could figure out what it was!! :)

    EDIT: Did some more researching on this fish... Turns out they are schooling fish that get 2-3 feet!