Silver Dollars With Cichlids?

Discussion in 'Silver Dollar Fish' started by PlantedTank, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Hello everyone! I have an empty 55 that I would like to repurpose to house some bigger fish. In the past I have had small community fish(besides 2 angelfish), but I would like to start keeping some larger fish. Around a year ago I had seen some silver dollars(red hooks) at the LFS and had absolutely loved them but decided they wouldn't do well with my small tetra schools in the tank at the time. Now that the 55 is empty I would like to explore the possibility of keeping them again.

    My question is what tank mates work well with them?
    So far my stocking research has led me to:
    -5 silver dollars
    -1 Blood Parrot Cichlid(absolutely love their personalities)
    -2 German Blue Ram Cichlids
    -6 Corries

    Will silver dollars get along with blood parrots and GBRs? I know technically all tank mates should be peaceful, but you never know.

    I know aqadvisor isn't great for finalizing stock, but I am just using it to get a rough estimate. According to said aqadvisor I have 151% filtration and am just around 100% with the stocking. How does this look to you guys?
  2. Mike1995

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    silver dolllars can get pretty big, so idk if 5 is a good choice for a 55. Maybe three would work better?
  3. OP

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    Maybe 3 silver dollars and 2 blood parrots? Ive heard a school of 5 is better?

    I plugged it into aqadvisor for an estimate and it said that 2 blood parrots are not recommended as they will fight for territory over time.

    What about:
    -3 silver dollars
    -1 blood parrot cichlid
    -1 pearl gourami
    -2 GBR
    -6 cories.

    This gave me a much lower stocking percentage. Are all these compatible? I would really just like to keep the silver dollars, blood parrot, and GBR. The rest I'm more flexible on, but I do want to know if these are not compatible.

    Or the original of:
    -5 silver dollars
    -1 Blood Parrot Cichlid(absolutely love their personalities)
    -2 German Blue Ram Cichlids
    -6 Corries

    Would 5 silver dollars get too big? Ive read about silver dollars being in 55s all the time, but I thought I'd ask anyways.
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  4. Mike1995

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    i think you'd be pretty good with that stocking. Silver dollars do get to a good size, but they are very peaceful fish. So 3 would be a better choice from a stocking standpoint. But if you keep up on maintenance 5 probably wouldn't hurt anything. :) the only thing like you said that id be careful with is the blood parrots. Sometimes they can be aggressive
  5. OP

    PlantedTankValued MemberMember

    Great! Maintenance as in water changes? I will most likely have 150 gallons of filtration worth for just the one 55 and according to aqadvisor it would cover 150% of the total tank waste so I don't expect the water quality to be horrible. I would like to do 5 because I've read that they do better the more of them there are. Fingers crossed the blood parrot will behave itself. I plan on buying a 15 pack of cichlid rocks(small, medium, and large caves) so the blood parrot will have access to several different caves and even the GBRs if they needed to get away.

    I would really want the Blood Parrot to bond with me(hand feeding/petting(seen videos but idk how practical that is)) so what should I add first? The Blood Parrot or the school of Silver Dollars? If I add the Silver Dollars first the Blood Parrot may feel more intimidated at first and hide in the caves I expect, but if I add the Blood parrot first he may claim the tank as under his rule and bully the Silver Dollars? Or he may be stressed when there's a whole school of Silver Dollars added?
  6. JLeeM

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    I don't know a whole lot about these fish, but if it were me, I would start with 3 silver dollars and your smaller fish. Slowly stock that over time. Maybe the silver dollars, then the cories (make sure you get a temp compatible variety; they're all different), then the rams (suggest one of each gender; maybe 2 females but don't know how that would work out), then your blood parrot. Make sure that all works out, and how your water parameters balance out. If you want 2 more silver dollars, you could always add them later on. Even if you do have to move the blood parrot for a few days, and reintroduce or move your decor around.
  7. Ed204

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    Hi there,
    Personally, I'm keeping 4 Silver Dollars with my BP, Severum and FM Cichlid.

    Silver Dollars would need a MINIMUM tank length of 4 feet. What are your tanks dimensions? They are very active and skittish fish, with cramped space they'll be hitting into decor and injuring themselves.

    I wouldn't go with the Cories and the GBRs if I were you. The BP wouldn't do well with them. I would do YoYo loaches instead, I have them with my SDs and BP.

    However, I wouldn't get into stocking first. Knowing your tank dimensions is the most important thing right now.
  8. Mike1995

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    agree with the above
  9. Ed204

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    Cichlids like Blood Parrots are territorial and therefore can be agressive. The key is to never overstock the tank, a cramped fish is an agressive fish.
  10. Mike1995

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    i wasn't saying anything to disagree with that...
  11. Ed204

    Ed204Well Known MemberMember

    I perfectly understand that, I'm just adding information lol

    If you really want to add Cories, you must have hiding places for them. However, in a BP tank the BP will uproot any plants and move around the decor. That's why rocks is the best suit for a BP tank.

    Also, adding a bigger species of Cory would be needed. Maybe Sterbai?
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  12. OP

    PlantedTankValued MemberMember

    Ok thank you Ed! It's really nice to hear your opinion since you have kept both species and in the same tank too. My tank dimensions are 48"L x 12"W x 21"H or 4 foot L x 1 foot W x 1 foot 9 inches H. I wasn't planning on getting into stocking first. I want to know what I can put into there first then I will figure out decor and then stocking in whatever groups needed.

    Do the Blood Parrot or your other cichlids ever bully the Silver Dollars or are they more occupied with their own species?

    What are yoyo loaches minimum tank size?

    Silver Dollars aren't really a must for me but I have always thought they were a really cool fish. My goal for this tank is just to have fish with lots of personality. I have seen that a lot of people really like the Blood Parrots for their personality and many people think they are smarter than the average cichlid. When I first started the 55 I wasn't really into cichlids and then I started keeping GBR... They are my favorite fish I have kept so far! So I am open to possibly an all cichlid tank. I really appreciate all the help on this thread.

    I would just really like a nice "peaceful" tank. A stocking that I don't have to stress about killing each other.
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  13. Ed204

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    When they were in a 10G, when I was a big noob, the Blood Parrot would sometimes just push around the Silver Dollars if they got into their way. Other than that they're fine together, when they were transferred into the 100G the BP never harmed the Silver Dollars. The only one the BP harmed sometimes was the Severum or FM, which are both cichlids.

    Most of the time, Blood Parrots will only get agressive to other cichlids because they make they're own territory. They'll mostly ignore other fish.

    I see that your tank is a 4 foot tank.
    I think it could work for 1 BP and small group of Silver Dollars, because Silver Dollars prefer longer tanks.

    YoYo loaches generally grow up to 5-6 inches a pop, but that shouldn't be an issue for your tank. They sometimes shoal when they are in a group, I say you could get a group. I would say that a 2.5-3 foot tank is the minimum tank length I would keep them in.

    Your stocking would look like this:
    1x BP
    4-5x Silver Dollars
    5x YoYo loach

    The BP will pretty much mind his/her own business and not care for the other fish since there are no cichlids, there might be agression at first but nothing too serious.

    Make sure to get all the fish when they are small, if that's possible. I started out with my fish like that. It's better for them to meet when they're still less harmful babies, adapt to each other and grow big with each other.

    Decor wise, I recommend you getting a Terra-cotta pot for the Blood Parrots cave. As for the rest of the tank, you could add rocks and driftwood.

    The YoYo loaches like hiding in tight gaps and little caves, so you could make these with the rocks randomly and they'll find them themselves.

    Do you have cycled filter media or do you have a plan on cycling the tank?

    Keep in mind this is my suggestion, not a thing you MUST follow. The others are open to suggestions and feel free to use them if you'd like. But this is what I'd do.
  14. OP

    PlantedTankValued MemberMember

    Great! Thank you so much for the advice and first hand account. This is really helping me to ease my nerves of adding the two together. I had feared if the Blood Parrot didn't have any other cichlid mates it might claim the whole tank as its territory and become the alpha bully to the Silver Dollars. Ideally I would like to have a few different caves for the Blood Parrot so it doesn't feel forced into one corner.

    For decor I am planning on having 2 pieces of 24" manzanita drift wood in there plus some very small driftwood stumps I already have, terracotta pots or a couple large cichlid caves, and maybe some landscaping large river stones if I can find some. And I will stick with the plastic plants I already have since the Silver Dollars would shred them haha.

    Right now the tank is up and running with all the equipment and has some corries and a pair of GBR that I would like to move out of it to accommodate for the new stocking.

    Do you think I could leave either the corries or the GBR in with the new stock? Could I do corries instead of the loaches providing they have lots of places to hide? If not could I put the GBR at least in a 10 gallon or 20 gallon temporarily? I have access to a 10 gallon rn so that would be ideal but if that's a very bad idea I think I can find a used one for a decent price.
  15. Ed204

    Ed204Well Known MemberMember

    You could do the Cories instead of the loaches if you'd like. What species are they?

    I'm not sure about the GBRs and the BP though. If the GBRs are added before the BP (which they are) I think it might work.

    However, no guarantees. Personally, In the long term I wouldn't do it but you could try it. But if things Go wrong you'll have to move some fish.

    Make sure you get a small size for the SDs and BP. That way they'll adapt to each other.

    The BP would move around the plastic plants, based on experience
  16. OP

    PlantedTankValued MemberMember

    They are Panda Cories which are my favorite species.

    Ok I may try it. I will have a 10g quarantine up and ready for a temporary home for them if they start getting attacked.

    I think my LFS should be able to order me some juveniles.

    Right but I think the Silver Dollars would be less stressed with some plant life in there even if it is only fake.