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Discussion in 'Silver Dollar Fish' started by Reptiguy97, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

    I have 3 silver dollar fish and for some reason they are very easily frightened and they never were like this before. I can't even walk past the tank without them takeing off and hiding for at least a half hour. I am not shure why does anyone know why?

  2. AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    they are a schooling fish and from what I understand 3 is the absolute minimum you should keep together, what size is your tank and how stocked is it? Is getting a few more possible? Maybe the added security of 'bulking up the gang' might make them feel more secure

  3. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

  4. ivonkoValued MemberMember

    ^ +1 they are a schooling fish and would really benefit from feeling safty in numbers

    yeah looks like you are overstocked, and if not now then when the fish get to their average size it will def. be overstocked, that array of fish would be good in a 55 or 75 gallon tank especially the raphael cat, the rainbow shark, the clown loach, and the pictus.
  5. JustKeepSwimmingWell Known MemberMember

    Wow, a clown loach. Those bad boys can reach 12 inches! They require an enormous tank, especially because they're schooling fish... that each can reach a foot long!
  6. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

    When some of Thea's fish you were mentioning get to be full size would they be able tone kept in a turtle tank or would the turtles hurt the fish?

    Edit: I Doen't know if it makes a difference in whatever the answers going to be but my turtle tank does have a lot of good hiding places for larger fish that the turtles can't get into.
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  7. JustKeepSwimmingWell Known MemberMember

    It's my understanding that pretty much any fish that goes into a tank with a turtle will eventually end up as food.
  8. ivonkoValued MemberMember

    depends on what turtles we are talking about :)

    the clown loach will get to 12"
    the raphael cat about 7-8"
    the rainbow shark about 5-6"
    the pictus cat 4-6"

    turtles will generally eat whatever fits in their mouth so it depends on the size of the turtles ultimately
  9. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

    Well I am not planing on putting the fish in there right away I am going to wait till they get out of that danger zone of being eaten whole by the turtles but the type of turtles I have are 1 western painted turtle, 1 midland painted turtle, and 1 giant pleco. And the turtles have been absolutely peaceful toward the Pleco. So what do you think would it work because I Really doen't have the room for another large tank.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that my turtles are about as big around as a softball.
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  10. JustKeepSwimmingWell Known MemberMember

    You're pretty much reaching full stock with two turtles and a pleco. You're going to overload it with more fish.

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. Have you searched your local craigslist to see if you can get another tank?
  11. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

    I could probably get another tank but the only problem is theres no room in my house to put one that size. Would it be possible to just keep them for a while then once they start to get to big just take them to like petco and adopt them out in one of their adoption tanks then start from scratch and get some more appropriate fish for the tank I already set up or could I get multiple tanks of about 30 to 40 gallons and separate the fish into there own little groups?
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  12. ivonkoValued MemberMember

    you can absolutely do that, in fact i do that quite often, but i refuse to take my fish to big companies like petco because i know they wont get the care they expect and need, in your place i would find a small lfs privately owned to do that with, and possibly get in store credit for them as well, another bonus with smaller stores is a lot of times they will get you anything you want, i know with my store the fish guru knows me well enough that before ordering every week he will ask me if i had anything special in mind that i wanted him to get his hands on.

    you also have the option of replacing your tank with a bigger one instead of just adding a big one, thats what im in the process of doing right now with my 30 and 55 because i live in a small apartment, slowly putting everything into the 55, its crowded for now, but as soon as the transfer is complete i will sell the 30 and have all the space i need.
  13. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

    I do have a small pet store in Allegan here called the painted tail and they often take In fish as you were saying but I would half to ask about it next time because I am not shure how the possess with store credit is done or how much I would get.
  14. ivonkoValued MemberMember

    i turned in the following
    4x tiger barbs
    4x gold barbs
    1x apisto (not sure of which type but was kind of bland coloration)
    1x flying fox
    about 15x assorted plants

    and i got 45 dollars for all this :)
  15. AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    That tank is very very over stocked, please or the comfort of your fish start a thread about your tank inhabitants and ask for help in sorting out your tank stock, the end result will make your tank look better your fish more playful and happy and your mind will be put at ease knowing your tank is healthy
  16. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

    If my tank is that overstocked then I will start a thread about it but it will half to be tomorrow because I just looked at the clock and I have been up over half the night and I didn't even realize it. I just lost track of time is all. See you all tomorrow.
  17. JustKeepSwimmingWell Known MemberMember

    See you, and good luck. :)
  18. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    It has been my experience that Silver Dollars need room to swim and would highly recommend a tank no less than 4 feet with 6 feet long being even better. These fish can frighten easily and if they do not have room to swim, they may end up crashing into the tank glass and doing harm to themselves. They can reach 6 to 8" as adults.
    Too, if they get frightened and there is no cover on the tank, the fish may very well take flight. I've had it to happen. :)

    I currently have 8 Silver Dollars in my 265g tank, 7 feet long, five of them being 10 years old or more and 3 of them around 4 years old.

    As they grow older they will calm down a bit, but can still be very shy at times.

    If you do not have room for a larger tank, then I would not consider increasing the # of Silver Dollars that you currently have. I would wait until I could get a larger tank and then increase the #'s.


    My Silver Dollars love Romaine Lettuce. They can devour 2 large leaves of the lettuce within 2 hours. If you haven't tried the lettuce, give it a shot. It may take a couple of tries, placing the leaves in a veggie clip and attaching it to the tank glass. They may not realize it's food at first, but they will come around. I feed my Silver Dollars 2 leaves of the lettuce every morning. Note: Romaine lettuce has more nutritional value than Iceberg lettuce.



    For Silver Dollars, the larger the tank the better.

  19. AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    Ken my lad, you have earned yourself an epic 1 reputation point!
  20. AlyeskaGirlFishlore VIPMember

    I agree with Ken. I've got 9 in a 125g. The larger the school the better but you need a larger tank to accommodate.

    Mine freak out/hide whenever I do a water change or if I just stick my hand in to move something or shove a fake plant back into the gravel. My oldest is about 8 yrs. Love them!

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