55 Gallon Tank Silver Dollar School size question

10+ year old established fresh water planted tank stocked with:


The Yoyo loach is the last in its former group and is old-will not be replaced. The two Clown loaches are large (5-inches) and I'm looking to re-home.

Question: my 5 Silver Dollars are fully grown and still very skittish. If I increase the group size to 6, will that make them more comfortable or is the group size too small still or they will always be skittish? My concern is tank size and filtration - if I have enough of both. Filter: Fluval 406.


You could always try but I don’t think adding one more will do much. From what I’ve heard silver dollars are pretty skittish fish no matter what
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news flash ... I had this setup for over 6 months. The last fish to be added was the black Angel fish 6-months ago. The Silver Dollars are 1.5 years old. I noticed today the top fin of the Angel is completely gone. Not sure what happened as I see no bullying going on during the day, everyone leaves the Angel alone. But as of today, the Angel is missing its top fin like it was torn off. Thoughts?
I would say it wouldn't really matter much if you added more,couldn't hurt though,silver dollars can be quite skittish fish.interesting since there in the same family as the piranha fish heh,I have a few in my tank and they do pretty good in a little group .the size and the filter seem fine.Another thing that I've noticed with silver dollars is the ones with the spots seem to be a lil more sensitive the just the ones with just silver.Notorious plant eaters though ,none the less a great fish though to have in a tank.

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