Silver Dollar not growing

I have 5 silver dollars and 3 are doing great. 2 of them are way smaller than the others and don't seem to be growing. I have a 50-55 gallon tank and there are also 2 parrot fish and on placo with them. They do eat, but why are they midget sized?
Frank the Fish guy
Silver dollars need plant based food to thrive and should not be fed meaty foods. This is a great food for Silver Dollars:

When feeding SIlver Dollars, they are very aggressive eaters, so one fish can get 2-3x more food than the others. So what I do is a put lots of kelp balls in at once so that everyone gets some in the school. Then they start picking them off the bottom. Everyone grows at the same rate.

They are voracious eaters and rapid growing fish.

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