Silver dollar hit its head!

I just wanted to post this here because the internet is tricky with finding specific information. I went to clean the front of the glass of my aquarium with the light on (never again) and my silver dollar freaked out and hit the side of the tank pretty hard, next thing she was alive, but upside for 10 minutes. She has just begun swimming the right way up again..but I have never seen anything like that! It was like she knocked herself out.. from now on I will turn their light off when tampering within the tank as it seems help them remain calm. But wow. Hopefully no long term issue was caused by that freak out she just had.
She will have forgotten your name and will have to relearn it!
I used to have silver dollars that went nuts during water changes as well. If there are no actual wounds, just keep your eye on her. I hope she’s alright!
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