silicone in a crack with small hole

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    STLBluesFan Valued Member Member

    well, ive never done this before, but i had a 15 gallon tank that i found in my brother in laws trash, stole it out of the can and got to putting some silicone on the crack that had a small hole all the way through... its been sitting a couple days, i just filled it up with water and no leaks at the moment, just waiting a couple hours i guess to see if it has a slow leak.. if not... well, ive had my eye on a pair of german blue rams ;) .... oh and i almost forgot, i have read about people putting food coloring in the water to make it easier to see if its leaking, well i didnt have any, but i had plenty of kool aid packets lol, so if it leaks, ill just put a cup under it... kool aid on tap!! oh yeah! :D
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    JessiNoel21 Well Known Member Member

    What kind of silicone did you use? My friend did that with her 90 gallon 8 yrs ago and it is still going strong. Good luck
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    STLBluesFan Valued Member Member

    i used the GE silicone I window and door, thats the over whelmingly recommended silicone, everyone says its the same thing as aquarium silicone, but a lot cheaper
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    SJ408 New Member Member

    Lucky to find a free tank to DIY fix:p Hope all goes well!