Silent Setup Question

  1. Kenho21 Member Member

    Hey folks!

    I recently setup a 5 gal. Spec-V for my betta and have been bitten by the fish keeping bug I fear...

    I'm going to be purchasing a 33 gal. long aquarium for my living room and want to place it right next to my couch (limited space in my apartment), so I want everything to be as close to silent as possible. Right now, I'm looking at filtration and am interested in a canister filter. I've been eyeing the Fluval 206 Is this the best way to go and if so, can anyone recommend one that is reliable and silent?

    Can't wait until I get to post a thread about stocking!

    Thank you!
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Don't fear the fishkeeping bug, it gets us all sooner or later. Just so you know, the official medical term for this is Multiple Tank Syndrome, aka "MTS" ;)

    I don't have much experience with canister filters but they are indeed silent, at least the Rena I used to sleep next to was quiet. I also like my Aquaclear HOB filters, they're pretty quiet too, especially if you keep the water level high so the outflow doesn't have to fall as far.
  3. Kenho21 Member Member

    I work in a hospital...maybe tomorrow I'll have to have a Doc diagnose me officially haha. ;)

    So, the Fluval 206 is going to have a deal for Prime Day tonight. Looking like I'm going to at least give that a shot...
  4. goldfishbeginner Initiate Member

    I have a cansiter and it's a quiet as can be. Its even more quiet with a spray bar.

    I like to position the spray bar so it's just under the water and spraying parallel to the surface of the water. It makes a ton of surface agitation and it's nearly silent!

    Just gotta watch out when the water evaporates below the spray bar because it may end up spraying a little water out of the tank.. hehe. I had to get an auto top off to fix that problem. Or rather I did a diy auto top off.
  5. Kenho21 Member Member

    So, I ended up with the Fluval 206 because of Amazon Prime day haha ($75 seemed like a good deal). However, now I'm thinking of a 40 long because why not!? I think the spray bar will be a good idea as goldfishbeginner mentioned.

    Question. . . Will the 206 be able to handle a 40 long with a moderate stock in a planted tank with or near the spec'd flow rate of 206 GPH? Opinions?
  6. Initiate Well Known Member Member

    I have a Fluval 206 and I love it. It is so quiet I sleep with it in my room. It will start off noisy when you set it up but thats only because the bubbles are dispersing. Don't go heavy on the stock but other wise you should be fine
  7. Kenho21 Member Member

    Looking forward to trying it out! I'm thinking (or hoping) if I add a large prefilter sponge and plenty of filter media it should handle the 40 gal.
  8. Initiate Well Known Member Member

    Yeah just fill the canister with tonnes of biological stuff and the sponge filter wont be nessecary
  9. Kenho21 Member Member

    That was my thought. I'll load up on bio media. Any recommendations on good BB bearing media for a canister?