Signs Of Aging Vs. Illness

Discussion in 'Advanced Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Sillyjady, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. SillyjadyNew MemberMember

    (First off even though most of my current set-ups were established in recent years, some of my fish have been around a bit longer).

    This post is mostly to see what others have noticed when it comes to the difference between aging and illness in our tanks.

    I have a female sorority freshwater tank with 4 female bettas of varying ages. My oldest at about 3 developed a white spot which I immediately treated with ich cures to no avail, it never spread though so I slowly accepted it. Now at about 4 years she has 2 more smaller ones. She has seen both well and tap water over the years but I'm summing it up as age spots?

    I've also noticed fish (in this case chili rasbora) at relatively younger ages (assumed bought young and with me 2 years) with a foggy/patchy coating. Again, no difference with fungal treatments, and no spreading (at least noticeably). This one concerns me more so I'm looking for opinions.

    Lastly, a neon tetra, sole survivor from his original group in my family's 60g with a new school now. Approximately 5-6 years old, has a foggy coating, foggy eyes, bends in spine, and very dull coloration. Mostly became obvious after adding the new 12 neons. But they have been together for several months now and all appears well. Well water for entire lifespan in this case. I'm summing this one up as aging again. But as always, seeking opinions :)
  2. angelcrazeWell Known MemberMember

    I have the same difficulty discerning sickness from age. My tetras are 6/7 years old now, I'm down to one Hy511, 2 red phantoms and still 5 lemon tetras. So aside from different schooling behavior with the small groups, I've noticed 2 lemon tetras have become much paler. The others are dark with almost greenish glitter. A lot of them have a cloudy retina or in both eyes (I assume it's cataracts). I only notice this with the lemon tetras. My other old tetras (the hy511 and red phantoms) don't look old like the lemons, but my lemons have been the hardiest and longest living overall.

    I did confirm an intestinal nematode invaded my system, but the lemons seemed unaffected and lived through the medicating no problem. Also cloudy eyes were not a symptom of internal worms, they've had cloudy eyes for years and it doesn't seem to bother them very much.

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