Sigh. No Crs For Me...

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by MaeKay, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    My parameters from the tap and in my tanks is very stable...but also very alkaline and hard: pH 8.0-8.2, GH 7, KH 11. So no CRS for me.

    When reading about all the different neo varieties they say up to 7.5 pH, but I have kept RCS for a few months just fine. Will they breed for me, though, at my parameters? (75F in one tank, 78F in another tank simply because I acquired a free Aqueon preset heater that fits the 5.5 g tank...)
  2. KasshanWell Known MemberMember

    i personally have not graduated from cherries to crystal yet. cherries are much more tolerant of not "ideal" water params and will still breed prolifically. im ignorant of the nature of crystals however i believe consistency is more important and i believe drip acclimation is critical for success of new individuals introduced.
  3. SeyffValued MemberMember

    I have similar water, my RCS breed in it. The purchased adults have a high mortality rate, but the offspring do well.
  4. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    That's another reason I'm buying from Petco at first. Although the original 3 I had survived very well until I put mollies in their tank (stupid me). They went into hiding and since re-homing the mollies I can clearly see 2 are left.

    My second batch I got 6 and I can at least find 3. It's a super heavily planted 10 gallon tank so they may be in there, just busy in the brush.

    Whenever I find a dead body I just bring it back to Petco for a refund. There haven't been a ton but enough.

    I worry that if I only buy 10 online I'll be left with only 3-5 and I wanted more genetic diversity than that.
  5. SeyffValued MemberMember

    With your heavy planting you may already have baby shrimp. I have WT RCS in a 55 community tank, they were already 1/2 inch when I first saw them.

    In my shrimp only colored RCS tank, I recently found a few tiny tiny ones when I syphoned water out into a bucket my last two water changes.
  6. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    Yes, I definitely have at least 2 babies in my shrimp only tank. They're at least 3 mm long. One of the females came home berried on 3/31. But I don't think I have any males so unless a baby turns out to be male I don't think I'll have a self-sustaining colony yet.

    These ones also aren't as high quality as I would like so I'm not too picky about breeding these. I just wanted to make sure I could keep them alive before paying a lot for fancier ones.
  7. MaeKayValued MemberMember


    Here's a red cherry in my 55 gal, lightly planted. I really like the saturation of this one.

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