Sick Snail, 1 Gallon Tank?

Ms rose

hello everyone, so I have a large (golf ball size) ivory mystery sanil. I have her in a one gallon tank with a filter that's doubles as an air stone. I know this is far from ideal but, I have been doing multiple , small water changes each day. she is getting better but slowly. my question is, how many water changes would be sufficiant to maintail good water? heres some info:
one gallon tank with filter/airstone
one golf ball size snail.
she does eat but not much, I feed her small amounts, if its not gone within 10 hours I remove with one of many water changes.
she was so swollen in origional tank her body was swelling out of her shell. in that (origional tank) aquarium, the water perams were as follows,
so I am at a loss as to her problem.(she isn't an old snail, roughly....7 to 9 months old.
water temp=74 to 78 (day/night)

so how many water changes a day would keep water clean for her?
and also, what coud be wrong with my snail?
edit: the main tank has 10 mystery snails only, 29 gallon
thank you in advance!

EDIT TO ADD: I would like to add that this snail is one of two remaining (there was 4 to start) snails I put threw alot, as I got them while cycling. I lost two but managed to save two, and they made it threw to clear waters all the time lol.
needless to say, shes been threw a lot

Crafty Cichlid

Hi! Let's try to organize that a little :

  • Size of tank snail is in right now:
    • What kind of filter
    • is it the only non-plant living thing in there?
  • Size of all available other tanks:
    • what else lives in those right now?
  • The actual problem happening right now:
  • In what way is the tank an air stone?
One thing I will say, is that most snails can live in worse water than bettas (not that I'm condoning making something live in deplorable conditions.) One 50% water change every day, or every other day should be fine.
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Ms rose

ok lol, thanx for helping..
it is in a 1 gallon tank, as its all I have that the only filter I have will fit ( the tiny filter came with the 1 gallon tank, and I don't have a spare air pump or filter I can use in something bigger.)

the snail is the only living thing in the tank besides a small piece of hornwort just for her to climb on.

I have a spare 20 and 10 gallon tanks but no means of a proper filter ( as I stated, the one gallon came with a minI filter, but won't filter anything larger

nothing lives in either spare tank, they are free atm.

so she is doing a heck of a lot better, shes back down to normal size (not swollen anymore) and shes also eating some, using the bathroom, and moving. she is also pretty responsive.

the tank and filter are so small that the waterfal from the minI filter puts bubbles threw the tank causing water agitation and aerating water.

and I so very appriciate this!! I have been doing 2 to 3 50% a day!! so less is nice. I plan to move her back soon. I suspect the problem could have been my very "randy" inca snail consitantly man handling her lol.I hate that all t he spare tanks I have, the 1 gallon is all I can use, but its been about 4 to 5 days now and she IS infact getting better

I read my post like 5 times and thought, "yeah that's understandable, and then the first comment is like," ummm.... what?" lmbo but thank you so much for your time and assistance. I greatly appriciate it!!

Crafty Cichlid

Action plan: buy a bubbler, and a sponge filter rated for a 10-20gallon tank, check the filter to see if it requires an air stone - some do, some don't.

Run it for a few days in the 1g, so it can get some bacteria, no water changes during this time. At the end of a few days, (like 3 at least) mover EVERYTHING from the 1 gallon to the 10g. Water, rocks, filter, snail(s), stray cat fur, etc. - do this as carefully, or carelessly as you like, but keep the snails safe; also, you could get splashed with water and gravel/sand filled with snail poop; also also, don't break the filters.

You may want to add some gravel/sand so you have 1-2 inches of gravel across the entire bottom of the tank - do this before you move stuff.

Moving the filter helps cycle in BB, and get your nitrogen cycle going. Snails produce a surprising amount of waste, but a 10 gallon tank for two snails is pretty supreme. They can both be king, even the female.

This should cost around $10 total.

Check out your lfs, and see if they have any plants that are in poor condition that they can't sell. If you're a regular, or just nice, they'll probably give it to you for free. I have some... thing that was super beat up, and couldn't be sold, trimmed some of the munched up leaves off, and it's a whole new plant. If it grows, super; if it doesn't grow, GOOD NEWS! Snails usually eat they dying leaves, before they eat the live ones. Mine also like apples - like climb across the tank, to the top, and live on the apple slice until it's gone - like apples. It's fun to watch them climb aboard, because it usually sinks the apple to the bottom.

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