Sick Severum


30 gallons with penguin pro hob filter containing large yellow porous media blocks/original filter catrridges. It has been running for about six months and has heating monitored at keeping the water about 78 degrees.
Now having been running six months i change every 2 weeks 1/3 of the tank which is only containing the Severum who is 5.5". API Stress Coat+ is used to prep water.

Now having been running six months i change every 2 weeks 1/3 of the tank which is only the Severum who is 5.5". API Stress Coat+ and vacuum only if the ppm nitrates moved over 45-55.

*Parameters - Very Important
the tank was cycled from fish i moved into the stock tank who all look healthy and are monitored closely since the water is crystal and they come up to check you out and are clearly visible
I use a ph meter and a master kit from api
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 30-50 between changes
pH: 7.3

twice daily i throw a few pellets of CICHLID GOLD in the water until he seems disinterested and fish the rest out via net. And no frozen or freeze-dried.
Illness & Symptoms
2 Years since I bought my severum. Recently I noticed that he had red ulcer on the tail where the fin meets the scales. It seemed to go through both sides, sticking out a bit more on one than the other. It was then that I treated with furan-2. I did this about one month ago 6/15/20 . I saw no results so i did the second treatment. Next I bought **** Aquatronics Furacyn; Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Nitrofurazone. I got enough to do multiple treatments..I am on day 4 of FURACYN and was thinking about carefully and gently sprinkling one of the capsules onto his wound, since it is now looking very painful it may be necessary. Also wonder if I should transfer from 30 gallons and into 10 gallon tank and treat with 2x recommended dose. I am not sure what the condition is now having done research it does not look like tail rot. Which I originally thought it was. Red spot? Ulcer? I will attach a photo. You can see that his tail within the last week has split and I am very concerned.


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How long have you noticed this ailment, and how has it progressed? Did it just appear like that? or did it start out smaller and grow/get worse? Is the tail also split through the ulcer/wound?

I've seen something similar to this on my severums side fin. It looked like a fungal infection that then started to look more like a bacterial infection. It developed a red orb in the center surrounded by a clear fungus like growth. This went away on it's own when I raised the PH in my tank (gradually with crushed coral, it had bottomed out at less than 6.0), and dosed with melafix. (general bacterial herbal remedy)

This, on the other hand, does look like it's Inside of the fish, not necessarily a surface wound. Do you have any decor in the tank the fish could've gotten stuck or harmed on? What it looks like to me is a large type of blood vessel bursting.

If the wound is raised up off of the fish, we can assume the red we're seeing is blood that has pooled. There are bacteria that can cause blood vessels, specifically in the fin, to burst. This is called (the symptom) hemorrhagic septicemia. (can cause red streaks on the fin/body), though, to my knowledge, it's not normally this large or invasive.

It almost looks, in my unprofessional, non veterinary opinion, like it's burst some type of major blood carrying vessel/artery and what we're seeing is the blood pooling in the affected area. I'm unaware of how this could have happened though.

I would check up on Dr. Loh on Youtube to see if he's documented a treatment for any ailments such as this in the past. He's an actual fish veterinarian, and he broadcasts treatments for varying issues of disease/malformation.

I would think what you're treating with would work if it's a type of gram-negative bacteria, which is what I would be leaning towards (per hemorrhagic septicemia). but I'm also not sure if it's something a little more serious than that. I'm wishing you luck.

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