Sick Serpae Tetra - need recommendations TIA


HI everyone, first post, I created an account to see if anyone could help me identify and address an issue with one of my serpae tetras.

He has developed a few dark patches and a kind of light grey film covering his scales. Noticeable on his left eye as well. Originally it seemed he had a bite out of his top fin so I was keeping an eye on him from early on.

He is a bit lacklustre since I first noticed the issue. Floating in sheltered spots in the tank and not coming out to compete for food with the rest of them. However yesterday and today he managed to eat his fair share when it floated by him and managed to keep it in and not spit it out. None of the other fish seem affected yet.

If anyone could help with this I'd really appreciate it. I've seen posts about something similar but none with a clear resolution. Whitewolf I see that you've previously offered help with similar so any advice you could offer would be appreciated.

Here is a bit more on the setup:

It is a 90 litre tank and there are 7 serpae tetras, 6 penguin tetras, 6 rummy nosed tetras and 1 amano shrimp (there was 3 2 weeks ago but cannot find them for the last week).

The tank is one I inherited. It was crashed but I got the levels back to normal and only then these fish were added. pH is 7.6, ammonia is 0 nitrite is 0, nitrate is 20ppm. I'm doing weekly 30% water changes and using tetra nitrateminus, global biological enhancer, and global water conditioner on a weekly basis.

Feeding them a mix of tertramin flakes, floral tropical flakes and tetra pro energy once daily, alternating between foods regularly and missing out 1 day per week.

Theres plenty of plants and an air pump in the tank also.

Thanks in advance guys!


Is it affecting any other fish? If it doesn’t
it could be some sort of genetic disorder.

I would just keep watching to see if any of the other fish are affected. And than see if it is infectious, and than formulate the next step.
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Thanks for the reply. No as I'd mentioned none of the other fish affected so far but that doesn't mean they won't be affected moving forward.

If I just wait and see the Serpae will likely die so I'm going to try and see if someone recognises what it is and can recommend a solution but thanks for the advice.

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