Sick red tailed shark - please help


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My red tail shark is not feeling well. It all started a few weeks ago...he got pop-eye on one eye. It was the most awful thing I ever saw...especially since he was always the most beautiful looking fish in my tank. He used to be solid black with a bright red vibrant tail. Anyways I did a water change as soon as I noticed it and medicated it. After a few days he totally recovered. But he has never gone back to looking as good as he did. Hes really lost colour in his tail...its so pale now. Also his head seems to be a lighter greyish looking colour while the rest of his body is black. He also seems listless and rests a lot on the gravel which he didnt do before. He used to be so active and hper. But apart from his loss of colour there's no other outward signs of disease. So what do I do? Is there anything anyone can think of that would help? Different food? Medicine? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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They are striking fish when kept in peak condition as they have a deep velvety jet black body and a brilliant and bright red tail.
However, if the water conditions, diet or tank layout are slightly deficient in any way, then its jet black body will become grey and its lovely bright red tail loses much of its colour and turns a pale pink. have you done water tests etc recently? hope he gets better soon. ive got one they're awesome. I'd contact your pet shop asap ask for advice

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