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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by BigJoe123, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. BigJoe123New MemberMember

    Help! I've noticed my red tail shark has recently developed tattered and thin fins. I assumed it was fin rot. Even though there was no real discoloration or white fuzz growing on them, I moved him to a quarentene tank and treated with tetracycline for about a week now with no change in his condition (better or worse). Is there any othere disease similar or one that may be confused with fin rot? Should I keep treating him? I'm worried that since my quarentine tank has not been used for some time it my no longer be cycled so I don't want to risk leaving him in there too long when it may actually harm him. His tail fin looks cut down the middle and his fin on his back is almost transparent with a small hole in the middle. I resently treated the tank with API super ick cure for ick on my loaches at less than half strength a week before this problem and it killed all 3 of them, turned a rubbernose catfish yellow and killed a tiger barb. I know this incident is connected to the sharks sickness, but what should I do? I've done countless water changes since then and all the ammonia, ph, nitrate, and nitrite levels are zero.

    My tank is 75 gal with 3 tiger barbs (peaceful) 4 danios, 2 rubbernose catfish, and the shark itself. The tank has been set-up over a year and rarely has any problems.
  2. AlyeskaGirlFishlore VIPMember

    Aw, sorry your Shark isn't feeling well. I have a RTS too. Such great fish if you can accommodate their needs.

    Dose sound like finrot. Can get from just a torn fin which makes a good breeding ground for the bacteria or fin-nipping. Stress too can be a factor.

    Treating the q-tine tank with Tetracycline would surely kill the good bacteria anyways. Interesting that it's not showing any improvement. I've used it before and didn't get good results eather. Melafix would of been a good thing to use as it doesn't kill the beneficial bacteria. Good to use in the early signs to aid in the healing of the damaged fins. I've had some good results. Or you could try Maracyn II along with Maracyn to cover all the bases. VitaChem is good for fin regeneration too after treatment.

    I hope you start to get results soon. Poor little guy.
  3. Prince PowderWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry about your RTS. Personally I would recommend giving the little guy a break from all the meds. He's already gone through ich treatment and TC treatment and since you aren't getting the results perhaps it's time to try natures medicine. Keep him in the qt tank to make water changes easier. Just make sure his temps are stable and keep a close eye on his parameters since the tc most likely had a negative affect on your cycle. Daily water changes with a bit of vitachem should help. Often fresh clean water can do wonders for fin rot. Soaking his food in garlic juice can help his immune system. All this should perk him up a bit and once his immune system is back on track he'll have a better chance of beating this naturally. Good luck with him!
  4. BigJoe123New MemberMember

    Thanks for the great advice. I had no idea TC was bad for the good bacteria. I'm keeping him in the main tank for today. He seems kind of miserable in the QT and doesn't really eat. Tomorrow I will move him back after the tanks completely cleaned out.