sick pleco . help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Auluvrkk, Aug 10, 2005.

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    My 1 yr old Pleco is sick . For the past several days he has floated belly up in the tank.He appears to be sucking for air. He is in a 100 gallon tank alomg with a calico koi and bug eyed moor.Each time I attempt to check him, he swims normally  to the bottom of the tank , hovers about 1o minutes and then slowly floats back to the top .I have checked the Ph balance of the tank and it is within the normal range and all filters are clean are properly functioning.The other two fish appear to be normal in all their activities.Any suggestions or ideas for me ?

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    Have you been feeding him, or just letting him eat algae he can find in the tank? If you don't feed him, he's probably starving and is going for any food he can find. Put a slice of zucchini (courgette) weighted down or held under water with a veggie clip. If he's hungry, he will love it. I'd also suggest getting some of those green veggie wafers and feed him everyday. Let us know how he's doing! ;)
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    Not sure but it sounds like it might be a floatation problem... I give my black moor mushy peas when he's floating funny and it sorts him out. I'm not sure if this website is reliable but it helps understand a bit about fish anatomy.
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    Hey how is he doing? And like gunnie said he is probley starving.
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    Auluvrkk hows your pleco doing?