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I am a brand new fish owner and am at a loss as to what might be wrong with our new Female Mickey Mouse Platy.

We added her to our tank on Friday night, and quickly realized that she looked pregnant. Saturday morning she looked VERY pregnant. Sunday and Monday showed a steady progression, and when we went to bed on Monday night she was happily camped out by the heater.

We woke up on Tuesday morning and she was noticeably thinner. No fry to be found, and the fish in our tank didn't eat their morning food with their usual gusto. I suspect they had a nice feed overnight. :-[

This morning mom's tummy is back to normal, but she will not leave the top of the tank, with her mouth right below the surface. I tried to entice her to eat by placing food right in front of where she is swimming, and she won't take it. The mollies can even swim up right next to her, and touch her, she won't dart away.

I am very afraid that there is something seriously wrong with her, but have no idea what it could be.

Let me introduce our habitat, sorry this is so long, but there is just so much information to share. I know, this is probably way

We have a 47 gallon column Top Fin aquarium. We started it last week Tuesday, and introduced our first fish on Friday once the readings became stable.

Because it is so tall, we are running a 14" bubble wand along the back under the gravel, and also have a coliseum type bubble decoration feature in the center of the tank.

We have an EheI'm ecco pro 2117 filter and the Top Fin Air Pump AIR 4000 for the air.

To get the tank started we used the Top Fin water conditioner, and added API Stress Zyme+ before adding the fish. At the same time we added our first fish, we added the API Stress Coat+ at the recommendation of the PetSmart fish 'expert'.

We added four fish on Friday. Two Dalmatian Mollies, one Mickey Mouse Platy, and a neon Tetra that had been in my son's 1.5 gallon tank and who seemed incredibly sad (I know it sounds crazy, but he was because he perked right up when added to the new tank). We lost one Molly overnight the first night, but the tank readings were stable. We attributed the loss to the stress of the move or a fish that was sick before the move.

Saturday night we went to the store and bought three more fish, under caution from them that we needed to really keep an eye on ammonia levels.

The ammonia levels have been mostly good. They started to creep up a little, but we added 10ml of Top Fin Ammonia Remover, and that brought them back down.

Right now my tank readings are
NO2 0
NO3 0
PH 7.5
KH 120 (6.7)
GH 60 (3.4)

Ammonia is 0 (may be a little higher, but is no higher than .5)

The water is very cloudy, but my understanding is that that's part of the nitrogen cycle, and that should rectify itself in the next few weeks.

Any thoughts as to what I can do to help our platy?

(All that and I forgot to mention the tank temperature - currently 78.5, but generally around 79-80)



ive seen mollies die of exhaustion from multiple pregnancies I would keep an eye on her hopefully someone with more experience will come by with better advice
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That's interesting, the exhaustion idea. Thanks for offering your thoughts!

I wonder if it's exhaustion if there's any benefit to me setting up the 1.5 gallon tank again with ciphoned water from the big tank. Do you think she'd get more rest there? The filter is much more gentle, and there aren't any intense air bubbles to deal with.


yes most likely what's the ratio of males to female if I have the same amount or less female mollies than males the males seem to harass the females greatly but I would probably opt for at least a five gal I hope she gets better
also I wouldnt be surprised if you had some fry still hiding in the tank keep a look out
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I'm pretty sure that I have one male Mickey Mouse Platy, one female Mickey Mouse Platy (the sick one), one male Dalmatian Molly, and one female Dalmatian Molly. The neon tetras are, I believe, one male and one female.

The male Platy and male Molly both have the straight analfin, and the females both have analfins that fan more.

My neon tetras seem to be male female based on the straightness of the line. The one with the bent line also has a bigger abdomen.

I did not plan to have one of each for each pair, it just ended up that way when the guy from PetSmart scooped them out of the tank.


yea the male male might be stressin the female out a lil ive been told with platy and molly you want at least 2 females for every male especialy during and after pregnancy and I'm pretty sure you sexed them correctly also

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