Sick Platy, help!!!

  1. Imtryingmybest Member Member

    My poor little platy isn't feeling well! Her name is Bruce Springsteen, and she has some weird (not fuzzy) white spots on her left side. She has also been flashing lately. She's been eating normally and has been as active as usual. She's alone (aside from two amano shrimp) in a ten gallon tank right now. I plan on getting her more tankmates once she's treated. The parameters are 0 ammonia and nitrites, and 5-10 nitrates. I also noticed some white on her mouth when i was taking these pictures of her. I added a picture of her healthy side for comparison. If anyone knows what this is/how to treat it, i would be eternally grateful, and so would Bruce! 1466557197456.jpg 1466557210837.jpg 1466557222709.jpg 1466557230924.jpg 1466557239150.jpg
  2. Imtryingmybest Member Member

    I would like to add that she will also occasionally dart around the tank really fast, running straight into the gravel. I can hear her hit it sometimes, I'm worried that she's going to hurt herself!