Sick plants? Something wrong with my tank..

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by jcblair77, Jun 12, 2016.

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    A little back story on this: When I added my first fish to this tank, they ended up having ich. I realize I should've been more observant of the other fish in the store but a mistake was made. A few days after I brought them home they were covered in what seemed to be ich. The tank was treated and one fish made a recovery but the other unfortunately didn't.
    I had read that fungal/bacterial treatments can be harsh on plants, however I thought that I would just go with it, and worst case scenario I could get some new plants. After the fish had been treated and the problem was resolved, I did a small water change and replaced the filter media to remove whatever was left of the treatment from the water. The plants seemed absolutely fine.

    Now the current problem. About a month after this I noticed the moss ball I had was looking very dull and had a browninsh tint. Then soon after my Anubis plant started deteriorating. I don't really know how to describe it so I'll include pictures. I couldn't do much about it because I was about to leave for a two week long trip. I just hoped I could take care of it when I returned. I returned yesterday and the tank was very filthy so I cleaned it just a few minutes ago. The Anubis plant was looking much worse so I plucked off all of the sickly leaves (which was most of them). When I picked up the moss ball it was very mushy and felt like it was about to fall apart. When I squeezed the water out of it, it didn't go back to its shape. It was just squished. I rinsed it and now it's no longer a moss ball but a moss pile. No clue if this means it's dead or just sick but I'm assuming it can't be saved at this point. I did a water change and replaced the Anubis back in the tank. So my question is what exactly is wrong with them? Does it have to do with the treatment? Will the Anubis grow back like normal? Also should the moss ball just be disposed of? This tank has been a nightmare for me. The water in it has been cloudy on and off for some unknown reason. I'm also a bit worried there may be parasites involved. I usually love fish tanks and fish keeping but this has been very discouraging.

    Here are the pictures


    Moss ball:
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    I had the same thing happen to me with my anubias- had huge anubias barteri with huge leaves and lots of growth-they even bloomed multiple times. Then my fish got ich and I treated them with meds. After that the anubias started to lose one or two leaves at a time until they were only rhisome. The leaves melted were mush. The rhisomes are slowly regrowing leaves but it is going to be a quite a long while before they are anywhere near the beauties they were.

    As long as the rhysome is firm and green it should regrow some leaves slowly. If it is mushy and yellow then it is a goner. the moss ball is likely a goner as it sounds like it is dead and is polluting your tank. Good luck.
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    Must've been from the treatment then! I think it should regrow some of its leaves with time. Thanks so much.
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    OK, roots in substrate is OK, BUT ensure that the Rhizome is above the substrate.

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