20 Gallon Tank Sick, overcrowded guppies?


My guppy population has exploded, and I know I have way too many. I will ask about this later.

I have a guppy who is always getting sick; right now, she is standing on her heading, floating around. I know it's some sort of swim bladder problem. I'm out of meds, though, and I have cories, so no salt. I'm going to do a water change. Should this help?

I promised my art teacher some guppies. However, once they get sick and I cure them, they come down with another illness. I know it's because the tank is so overcrowded. I don't want to give sick fish to my teacher, and I can't just give the fish to the pet store. I, as a fish consumer (not that kind of consumer. ), would be angry to buy a sick fish. But I can't leave the tank as crowded as it is.

What do I do?

Thanks in advance. <3

EDIT: Her scales are slightly raised, but not full out like dropsy.


Hummmmmm.....you are ready for......drum roll please....


Actually with no other options, it sounds like time to start culling the weak ones. Being over stocked, you have very few options and your tank will continue to be unhealthy for the fish.

Sorry this may not be happy advice...but the sick fish need to go.
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I wish, but I live in a trailer. xD
But oh, one day I'll have a fish room....

So do I just round up a bunch and start euthanizing them? The yellow one, that is sick now, I can kind of see. She is always sick, all of the time. The others are rarely sick or have never been sick at all, to my knowledge. I should probably do more frequent water changes anyway....

I just don't want to lose my whole tank.
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