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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Cleo2019, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Cleo2019New MemberMember

    Hey guys! I know I have posted before because I was worried about my fish. She's a white betta fish and her name is Cleo (hence my profile name). She has a blue area on her head with a red dot in the middle. So she has kind of two body colors. The front part of her looks metallic and white. and then the back half is more fleshy and pink looking. I dont think she has velvet but I did the flashlight thing....Not sure if she has or does not have it because honestly I dont know what Im looking for. Anyways, that my first comment. How do I check for velvet?

    Second, she has grey spots at the base of her dorsal fin. They showed up a couple months ago. I haven't noticed any change. So I assume its her color changing, right?

    Third, her fins are kind of see through... always been like that. Is that a sickness from the store (although I got her in December and she should be fine by now), or her coloring?

    Fourth, she has a tear in her dorsal fin. But since her fins are see through I cant tell if its the start of fin rot. I google info and it said if it has a fuzzy/slimy film or if its jagged, then it could be fin rot. Can't reall tell because the whole blends into her fin. I got aquarium salt and Ive been putting a teaspoon in at each weekly cleaning. Her tank is clean. She has a elephant and a plant. I was thinking maybe she cut herself on the plant but although its kind of "spiky" its not sharp. And I did the pantihoe test (run the plant along the pantihoe and if it tears it, its probably not safe.)

    so any tips aside from these things or on these things would be great. encouragement too!
  2. DuaneVWell Known MemberMember

    If you have her in a filtered, heated tank and youre doing regular water changes, thats a great start. If you dont, you may want to. A small filter can be bought for $10 bucks, a heater $10 bucks and water changes are free. "Clean" water (correct parameters) are integral to a fish's health and will almost always clear up minor issues like fin rot, torn fins, etc. And on the flip side, "dirty" water is usually the cause of issues like velvet, ich, etc.

    Velvet looks like gold dust. Simple as that.

    Gray spots could be coloring. I have a few bettas with light colored spots. But without a good pic, its a guess.

    Lots of fish have see-through fins. Again, no pic its a guess.

    Fins get ripped. Figure out what ripped it and remove it from the tank. Plastic plants cost more than live ones and literally do nothing for the water. Go buy a couple anubias and drop them in. Theyll make the fish much happier and help with the water parameters (to a certain extent). Live plants that are easy are always the best way to go.

    So, get some decent pics and post them or we're all just guessing.
  3. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    Also fins can be clear when their growing

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