Sick or Injured Angelfish.

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    DNA New Member Member

    Hi all,

    A while back I bought 2 angelfish from a petstore. Both of them died from what was thought to be an attack from a pleco as tank parameters were perfect and no other fish had died.

    A few weeks ago now i bought 2 angelfish again, same place. Again, one has died, but i saw its symtoms this time.
    He started swimming sideways and all ways. With his mouth wide open. Like he was choking.
    Then eventually stopped swimming. Now the other angelfish looks fine?

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    catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to Fishlore.

    Angels are very sensitive to water parameters. What are your current parameters? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate?
  3. OP

    DNA New Member Member

    Stands as of right now,
    0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10 nitrate p.H 7.2.

    It seems very odd & sad.
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    catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Are the base of the fins red? Is the inside of the gills a healthy pink? Any tiny bumps or growths of any kind?

    How soon after purchase did the other angel die?

    Not sure if it is a factor, but bottled bacteria products like Stability and angels do not mix IME. A tank will not be able to stabilize itself and angels are sensitive to things like this.
  5. OP

    DNA New Member Member

    If you say stability then that would have to be my guess but ive stopped using it for a few weeks now.

    The other angels died within 3-4 days.

    When I removed the last dead one, I inspected him and there was nothing visible.