Sick Molly


HI guys

Sadly my favorite Molly has come to the end of her life. She has dropsy and is extremely pineconed. The fish are all now pecking at her as she's just so ill.

I really need to know how to euthanize her.
I have clove oil but I've seen mixed reviews on it. Some say they suffer but I really don't know...

Can someone please help me. I'm distraught about the whole thing. I've had her since I first started keeping fish in my 10 gallon and she's now in a 55 gallon so she's come a long way... been in 3 different tanks because ive upgraded and as she was one of my first fish and I've had her 2 years I can't bear to watch her suffer.

Hope to hear from you soon.


I would go ahead and use the clove oil, other methods are far more gruesome.

I'm unsure of the dosage, maybe you read that.

If you do it slowly she will relax into an anesthetic state, then you can add enough that it's toxic.
Keep her in 10 minutes after her gills stop moving.


I'm so sorry that you're having to euthanize. It's terrible to watch a pet suffer but it's also hard to put them down. I would agree that the clove oil is the most pain-free method. It sounds like you're providing the best care possible for your fish.

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