Sick Molly??

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    Hi guys! Im new to all this! I have had a 20 gallon tank for about 4 months now :) i had a water sample done recently im not sure the exacts but he said my tank was high in amonias and high in nitrates?? Nitrites?? I dont remember which ine im sorry and i have been doing 25% water changes every other day for about a week now i started off with 2 panda mollies a dalmation molly and a betta and i have added a couple neon tetras a female betta a couoke painted platties and my son made me get a gold fish [rolls eyes] one of the female mollies got really fat and i thought she was pregnant and after about 2 month she finally had 1 fry. I was really hoping for more but during her pregnancy i noticed she started losing color starting at the top of her head. After having just the one fry a few weeks ago my jusband and i noticed a few days ago that she was just swimming at the bottom of the tank just sunk in the gravel she will still eat food but then goes right down to the bottom of the tank and her tail is bent upward i thought she was sick but not sure with what so tonight i moved ger into a hospital tank and put a tiny bit of salt in the water she leaped right out of the tank and onto the shelf so i quickly scooped her up but her back in and she sunk back down to the bottom for a bit and swam eratic for a bit and is now sitting back down at tje bottom breathing labourishy please help!

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    I wish i could post a vid but for some reason i cant is that a thing??