Sick Koi!

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Need Help!
I have a twenty five year old butterfly koi that I found Friday the 13th floating (bent), on her side in my pond, under 2" of ice, next to where stream enters, her head where there is no ice next to the stream entry.

I got a 100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank, put it in my garage and filled it with water from the pond, and then put her in it. Her fins were streaked with some redness, but not horrible, as she's usually always a little red...been so since I've had her.

I put in two air stones, and 4 small koi I bought to keep her company.

I scraped and scoped her and found what I believed to be chilodonella. So I got some proformC and put that in for 3 days. On the 3rd day added the PraziPro.

When I checked the ammonia it was 4.0! So I did water changes of 40 - 75% every day for a week, but the levels never went down ány lower than .5 to 1.0

I knew I needed to put her in a bigger tank, but the guy at the fish store thought I should wait a week so as not to stress her out any more, plus I needed to make room...

So, last Friday I put her in a 300 gallon stock tank. I checked and couldn't find anymore parasites so thought she would get better. But I couldn't get the ammonia levels down, they kept rising to 2, 3, 4...

After more research I realized I needed some filtration. I hadn't thought I needed any because she was just laying on her side, now at the bottom of the tank, not eating. So I went and got some "seed" for the water and gel bacteria for the 2 sponge filters I bought. After several days, still no change in ammonia levels. I was still doing water changes, not realizing with each water change I was slowing the I stopped so much water changes and added some Ammo Lock for a couple of days. Then I read that it could slow the cycling too, so stopped that!

This last Friday, I built a bio filter using bio balls and some filter matting out of my outdoor pond. I had read I could speed up cycling using my old media that already contained bacteria.

Yesterday ammonia levels still 2.0. I freaked out and bought some Prime. Did a small water change and added the prime. This morning ammonia levels still 2.0... did another small water change and again added prime. Later today ammonia level still 2.0.

So, it's been 10 days, feels like 10 years, she's still lying on her side on the bottom, not eating, not moving unless I reach in and touch her, when she'll move her fins.

She has been lying on her left side the entire time. I've turned her over twice before today and she would always turn back over. Today I turned her over to look at her left side, and it looks bad. Her skin is very pink, (she's yellow), and looks like she's "flattening" out. Her right side is completely normal.

I've tested ammonia : 2.0
PH = 8.0
Nitrite 0.0

Then I researched "euthanasia ".....

Before doing that I thought I'd try someone on here...I'm so sad...

Pond info:

22 years in use
On a well with no chemicals
Approximately 9000 gallons
13 fish from 10 - 30 " in length.

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Bumping this up for you

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Check the tap water to check if you're getting the same results (false test). Do a 80% waterchange and watch what happens. I think it is already to far gone, but fresh water might give it a boost. If not do what did research on !
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Thanks for the reply.
We had a service for her last night, it was time to put her out of her misery...
I had previously checked the tap water, 0 ammonia.....
I still have her 4 little companions in the tank. Checked the levels this morning and they were 1.0.
I'll do a water change again today.
I think it was just her own ammonia creating the problem...
Hopefully I've learned enough thru this to save the next one.
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sorry to hear
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