Sick Gourami? 20 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Blue Gourami' started by jayham26, Apr 3, 2010.

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    For about a week now Ive noticed the my blue gourami has something going on I dont know if it is stress or sickness. It first started with her poop, its very long 8 to 12 inches and real thin. Now on the 5th day she is swimming wrong and laying on the bottom on her side but not very long. I know that my other gourami has been picking on her because of all this. My fish get along and I have never had a aggression issues. I did isolate her and watching closely. Any info would be appreciate.
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    Welcome to FishLore!
    It's really hard to keep two Gouramis together much less three even the Paradise is a different kind. If I were a betting person I'd say the Paradise is the one picking on her. They can be very aggressive especially in close quarters.

    If you truly have a male and female he may have been trying to get her to spawn(Is there a bubble nest or leaves on the surface?), they frequently injure their mate when spawning.

    Glad to know she's in a hospital tank alone. If she has not been hurt too badly good clean, warm water will be the best thing you can do for her.

    I notice in you aquarium information you have an ammonia reading. How long has the tank been set up? Ammonia in any amount is toxic to your fish so daily water changes until it's gone is a must for the safety of your fish.
    Let us know how things go
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    Thanks butterfly for response, I know keeping three gouramis is probably not a good idea but all my gourami are female and has never been aggressive. The blue gourami is usually the one to that is the most active thats why Im worried. When I first bought the paradise fish I bought a male and female. The male was definitely aggressive to all my fish so I had to take him back. I kept the female and I know it was a female and she is very calm. I have had the tank for 4 months and it has been cycled for 2 months. My ammonia problem comes from the tap its reads 2.0. When I do a water change the tank reads 1.0 ammonia for one day then it drops to zero. Im trying ammo-carb to see if this helps. I think that the ammonia is the problem. THANKS

    Nitrate 10
    nitrite .0
    ammonia .5
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    welcome to fishlore!!( If I havent already )
    poor thing...hope she gets better!!!

    are you still using the stress zyme? its the wrong kind of bacteria and it could be causing the tank to not stay cycled will eat up the good bacteria :(

    if you do your water changes with some prime or amquel+ , either one of those will detoxify the ammonia so it wont be deadly to the fish......that will help allot!!

    and if you are able, getting a liquid api master kit will be much more reliable as the strips most always give false readings .....good luck and I hope things look up!
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    Hi shawnie,
    I did stop using the stress zyme and the stress coat products after reading some quotes on fish lore. Its been about a mouth since I last used that stuff. Everybody talks about prime, is it that good?
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    Well then I will get some , dont care for api products.

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    How long do I keep her in the hospital?
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    Well sorry to say she did not want to live,

    I was sitting on the coach and heard a thud. I got up and my sick gourami had jumped up and hit the lid and knocked her self out, very sad. She darted around a few times and floated to the bottom and did not get back up. The first think I thought that the water levels were bad so I checked my 1.5 hospital tank the temp was at 78 f the ammonia level was 0.0 same as nitrite and nitrate. I dont know why this happened. She has been in that tank since April 2nd so for three days and showed no signs of this behavior. I even went to the store and bought bottled water to make sure the water was clean, because I have bad tap water. So I hope she is some where more happy than here.:(